Islands Of Nyne Closed Alpha Gains New Details

Do you like Playersuknown’s Battlegrounds? If so, a game that was successfully Kickstarted, Islands of Nyne, offers the same content but in a more Sci-Fi setting. The game is about to go into Closed Alpha on April 28th and will be for PC, which, as of recent, the game just received a new update via Twitter regarding its Closed Alpha, along with more information.

Before jumping into all of the new content or information that developer Define Human posted up, you can watch a very old video trailer that was released a year ago showing in-game footage to freshen up on the game.

If you want to stream the game or help the developers better shape Islands of Nyne, you will be able to when the Closed Alpha goes live near the end of this month (April 29th, 2017).

According to a conversation that was going on the game’s forum board we learn some gameplay and ranking mechanics, thanks to creator Define_Tolton:

“The radar pulsing is something we are playing around with and is certainly not set in stone. You will lose rank points if you perform poorly like die in a match early. The higher rank you are, the better you will have to do to continually rank up. The ranking system is something we’ll go into detail about closer to the Closed Alpha launch.”

Although there haven’t been any new video updates, the developers do intend on putting out dev vs. dev gameplay footage so that gamers around and about can see what Islands of Nyne has to offer.

“I want to put together a highlights clip for every dev match that everyone can check out, that way you can see what matches are really like.”

Hopefully, if the game is successful, the game will go on to inspire others on Steam Greenlight in that you don’t have to use stolen assets or throw something lazy up to make a quick buck or two — seeing how the game started on Greenlight.

It’s kinda sad that games like this receive little to no coverage, but it seems like Define Human is on the right path for not scamming people on Kickstarter or Greenlight, and sticking with the project this far.

If you want to find out more about Islands of Nyne and the devs, you can hit up

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