Islands Of Nyne Closed Alpha Starts April 28th, Alpha Keys Coming Soon

Hands down Islands of Nyne is amazing looking, especially to be made by a small indie group that started on Steam Greenlight. It would take only the best to follow after the work that Define Human has poured into this game, and if you want to play this beautiful looking project early the devs currently have keys going out so that folks can experience Islands of Nyne come April 28th.

Closed Alpha Keys will be shipped out to Kickstarter backers on April 26th. The actual event will go down on April 28th, which will have no NDA when streaming the game on places like YouTube, Twitch and other video/media services. More info on the Closed Alpha can be found over on

Time for the juicy stuff; the devs actually shipped out videos showing in-game footage covering a bevy amount of things regarding the Battle Royale-like game. First up is level design and graphical updates, which the video showing said features sits below.

Next up is weapon improvements. The shotgun now operates much different from before and can be seen in action with the new video below.

The throwing knife looks really cool and reminds me a lot of the laser knife from the much older game Pariah. You can check out how it fares in action.

Next up is the jump pads. These environmental boosters allow players to reach locations that of which could not be reached before simply by walking into them.

Up next comes weapon attachments and weapons in general. An HK 416-like rifle can be seen below along with a Beretta FS92-like pistol and grenade.

Next up comes the healing supply or medical syringe. This, well, does exactly what you’d think it will do… heal you. The act of self healing can be seen below.

Armor and equipment will be a thing and will help in heated combat. You can check out one of the helmets that can be equipped on a character.

And that’s about it. But seriously, if these devs can cook up all of this on a low budget, could you image if these talented guys had AAA funding? Already this game looks way more polished than other games including PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which IoN was not only announced before Battlegrounds but was also in development before the game as well.

You can find out more information regarding Islands of Nyne by hitting up or