Late Shift, FMV Thriller Preps For April 18th Release On Xbox One, PS4, PC

Late Shift FMV Thriller

Wales Interactive’s Late Shift is prepping for release on April 18th, set to arrive on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC later in the month. They released a trailer last month letting gamers know that the full-motion video adventure thriller would be coming to home consoles and PC.

The crime thriller focuses on a mathematics student named Matt who ends up being forced into a robbery at a lucrative auction house in London, England. The game centers around players making split-second decisions and life-altering choices as Matt attempts to repair his life and dodge the consequences of a robbery he wanted no part of.

The game follows the choices Matt will be presented with in order to eventually prove his innocence, but every decision he makes will come at a cost.

You can see what Late Shift looks like in action with the full HD, FMV-based sequences below.

The game was written by the same writer for the 2009 Sherlock Holmes film. The game looks surprisingly intense.

In fact, it’s shot better than most movie thrillers.

Had they not said it was a game and the trailer had been put together slightly differently, it would have looked like a cool British crime thriller.

They note that the game has multiple endings – up to seven, in fact. There is no looping footage between choices, so you’ll have to act fast and react with keen reflexes. I do wonder how much control the game will give players? Will it be similar to the old Phantasmagoria games or Gabriel Knight or will it be more like a long quick-time movie event?

They do note that there are a total of 180 multiple decisions to make throughout the game, and each one can lead toward a path that unlocks one of the multiple endings.

You can look for Late Shift to arrive on home consoles and PC later this month on April 18th.