Machine World 2 Greenlight Trailer Reveals Physics-Based Vehicles And World

To my surprise a decent looking Steam Greenlight game has surfaced and it puts both vehicles and physics to play. The name of the game is Machine World 2. The game sees players assuming the roll of an operator taking the wheel or cockpit of several machines in a physics based world that can be deformed to your liking. Trino Games’ Machine World 2 is currently seeking votes on Steam Greenlight.

Honestly, it’s refreshing to see a game that is about doing basic stuff with complex measures behind simple actions. In other words hopping into a tractor and digging up physics-based ground and placing the dirt elsewhere, or like taking control of a big boat and reeling in other small boats using a crane.

I know the aforesaid may sound boring to some gamers, but in my opinion this is a step forward in the indie scene in that a small group of devs can put together a game that explores a fully fledged moldable world through physics, while sporting various vehicles to traverse and use to deform said world.

The game’s official description sits below:

“Take control of a range of different machines and operate them in a unique environment. Each new game generates a new world, and it is yours to develop: Dig and build anything, anywhere!”

It is said that all 16 plus vehicles in the game have been carefully modeled down to small detail. Each vehicle features opening doors and hatches, switches that control other parts of that specific vehicle and support actual physics (like doors, propellers and so on).

In addition to the above, players will need to check on internal parts since they can fail during a playthrough and follow “realistic” procedures that mimic actual machines, which includes maintaining engines, fuel tanks, pumps, batteries, gear boxes and much more.

Machine World 2 sports a mission system based on “Blueprints” that are generated by the game, developers and other players. Folks can either take up these mission “Blueprints” and meet their goal(s) or build objects and furnish buildings on their own pace, anything is said to be welcomed to spark creative freedom.

Footage of actual gameplay comes in by TrinoGames, as seen below.

If Machine World 2 seems interesting to you the game is currently on Steam Greenlight seeking votes.


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