Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite Trailer Features Chris, His Guns, Ultron And Chun-Li
Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

Capcom rolled out a new gameplay trailer for Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, giving gamers a brief look at the upcoming game’s actual gameplay, following up on their most recent kerfuffle involving a story trailer that managed to piss off a lot of people when they began advertising and selling DLC well ahead of the game’s launch on September 19th later this year.

The gameplay trailer, however, doesn’t attempt to sell games on DLC, but instead attempts to entice them with actual in-game play. You can check out some of the character models, fighting, combos and special moves with the trailer below.

The trailer starts with Chun-Li and the Hulk, teaming up against Strider and Thor, while fighting on one of Shield’s carriers.

Chun-Li and Hulk use a tag-team special move to pound Strider into the ground.

The trailer then reverses the roles, and we get to see some of Thor’s moves in action, as he effortlessly switches between smacking the face of the Hulk with Mjolnir and powering up his moves with lightning strikes.

Hawkeye and Chris Redfield are showcased next. The Chris they have in the game is the ped-popping Redfield who was bloated up on his steroids in Resident Evil 5. Hawkeye looks like the douchier cousin of Johnny Cage.

Chris’ attacks actually look pretty cool, as he alternates between his arsenal of personal firearms to blow the crap out of his opponents.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite - Chris Redfield

Hawkeye is pretty lame and just shoots some arrows. I was expecting a bit more variance, sort of like how NetherRealm really gave Green Arrow a deep selection of different attacks and arrow types to use.

The trailer rounds out with a metallic motif in the form of Ultron. We get to see the sentient robot laying waste to Hawkeye with a number of projectile moves and explosive attacks, as well as utilizing one of the Infinity Stones to trap Hawkeye in a space box.

I couldn’t help but feel as if Ultron was like a poor man’s version of Brainiac. The latter looks so much more intimidating and fearsome in Injustice 2.

Anyway, you can look for Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite to launch on September 19th for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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