Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War Features Six Equipment Slots, Item Quest Challenges
Middle-Earth Shadow of War

A new in-depth seven minute video from IGN rolled out some details with weapons and items that players can acquire throughout the playthrough.

You can check out the video below.

The video details the six different categories that players can use to equip new items. There’s a long sword slot, a dagger slot, a bow, a chest piece, a hood and the accessories.

They explain in the video that if you want to get your hands on epic gear you’ll need to defeat epic bosses. In the video they go after a chief who is rather powerful, but he’s weak to fire, so they decide to put some flames to his butt. This allowed for the acquisition of an epic dagger.

They further go through the process of slotting upgrades into weapons and gear, and they defeat a high level monster who drops a gem. In order to slot the gem into the dagger they have to pay some money to unlock the gem on the dagger.

There are also special challenges to complete in order to unlock special abilities and bonuses attached to certain equipment. This is so gamers have an extra incentive to put in time and effort to not only unlock new gear but also unlock the different abilities and quests to upgrade that gear.

The higher tier the equipment the more challenging and difficult it will be to upgrade that equipment. Additionally, you have to defeat epic or legendary enemies in order to get your hands on epic or legendary loot.

There appears to be a fairly in-depth loot system for players to exploit in Middle-Earth: Shadow of War. So if you’re really into grinding out quests to unlock new stuff, this game seems to provide it in spades.

You can look for Middle-Earth: Shadow of War to launch on August 22nd for home consoles and PC.


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