Modiphius Entertainment Announces Fallout Tabletop Game Is In The Works

According to a recent post that Modiphius Entertainment shared on its Facebook page, Fallout will receive a new tabletop game called Fallout: Wasteland Warfare.

As mentioned above, the announcement made regarding Fallout: Wasteland Warfare — better known as the tabletop version of Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic game — was revealed via a Facebook post not too long ago and on Twitter with an image (as seen below). The tabletop game will feature larger, 32mm miniatures and will include PvP, co-op and solo missions that cover several entries in the Fallout series/universe.

I should explain that Modiphius Entertainment is a tabletop publisher. The company has managed to successfully Kickstart other projects like Achtung! Cthulhu, which means that we could either see the Fallout tabletop game go through the crowdfunding phase or it could just come out straight to retailers.

As of recent, it was noted by the team working on the Fallout tabletop game (currently in the works) that, yes, Dogmeat will be featured as a figurine:

“Yes Dogmeat is coming to the Fallout: Wasteland Warfare game – it’s a wargame with miniatures and familiar Fallout terrain”

Joining Dogmeat, obviously, comes other familiar characters from the series like some of the foot soldiers, Power Armor units, Super Mutants, Death Claws, as well as things like Nuka Cola machines.

I’m just wondering when we will hear about the day one patch, hotfixes addressing clipping through the floor, duplication glitches, quests not working right and when NexusModsT (tabletop) will allow people to start modding the tabletop game so that the figurines will look even better along with better quests?

On a serious note, are you excited to jump into the world of Fallout and assume the role of whatever it is that you want to be through Modiphius Entertainment’s Fallout: Wasteland Warfare? If so, more information can be found on this upcoming tabletop project by heading over to


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