N++ PC Ultimate Edition Is Now Available For Free

Free DLC for a game is always the best thing, especially when it’s not stripped features but content created from the ground up for a fun game. Well, in this case publisher and developer Metanet Software has released the PC Ultimate Edition of N++ for free and will do the same for PS4.

As of this writing, the developer over N++ has published a new update on the game’s Steam store page revealing that the Ultimate Edition for PC is now available for free. The brand new DLC coughs up a wide variety of things to explore that includes new stages, modes and more.

If you are new to N++ and seek to know what the game has players doing, the official description sits below.

“N++ is a fast-paced, momentum-based platformer about darting around obstacles, narrowly evading enemies and collecting gold in a beautiful minimalist landscape.”

The newly posted trailer can be seen here, which covers the Ultimate Edition (or DLC) content.

If you are wondering why the DLC comes in for free, the reasoning behind the decision by the developer is up for you to read:

“It’s a free update for anyone who owns the game; we went back and forth on whether or not to charge for this DLC, and decided that we really wanted to encourage more people to try N++, and that this might be a great way to do it!”

This update contains new color schemes, ninja headbands and a brand new single-player game mode called Hardcore. The mode is designed for fans of the game and those who strive for high-scores. The developer notes that the difference between the Solo Mode and Hardcore is that the latter sees the clock always ticking and that every death counts.

N++ currently runs for $14.99 and can be found over on Steam. The PS4 Ultimate Edition DLC is said to come soon.


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