Natsume Set To Bring Wild Guns Reloaded To PC Sometime This Summer

Classic media still hold up to this day, which also applies to video games as well. However, classics that are remastered for today’s standards make them even better yet. Well, if you are a fan of the classic shoot em’ up, sci-fi western SNES game, Wild Guns, the shooting gallery title is set to release sometime this Summer for PC.

This announcement was recently made by Natsume via publication site GameSpot. Natsume is the original company who launched the title way back in the day and will be working on the PC version of said game. This means that everything that you liked about the first Wild Guns back in the day will still be present in the updated version.

Looking back some, Wild Guns Reloaded was released on PS4 last year. If you’ve enjoyed the classic 2D shoot em’ up on said platform or you are looking to play the PC version, the “Reloaded” edition features improved visuals, two new characters with their own unique weapons, new bosses, support for four-player local co-op, new stages and online ranking.

Something worth pointing out is that the game will not feature any type of online multiplayer, which is a bit strange given that the developer added in online ranking. With that said, the feature could come later down the line as an update or something, but only time will tell if said feature will make it in.

If you want to keep up with this game and its PC port, The company noted that an appearance (along with other titles) will be made at this year’s E3 in June, which means that we’ll find out more about the Remastered version in a couple of months.

The PC version of Wild Guns Reloaded has no set release date, except for this Summer. As of now the game is available to play on PS4.


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