Bevontule, New RPG Adventure Game Alpha Demo Now Playable

Indie developer Multithreaded Games is looking to make a new RPG adventure game that sees take-turn battles prominent in an open-world environment. The fantasy medieval game that is set to debut sometime in the future for PC is currently in an alpha state, but the development team has released some new videos showing the combat and animations off in Bevontule.

The small indie team known as Multithreaded Games has released a new trailer showing off a snippet of Bevontule, an upcoming RPG adventure game that sees players traversing a world filled with mysterious creatures and events.

The official description explaining the game sits below, which covers the core basics, setting and much more:

“Bevontule is an upcoming tactical turn-based RPG that layers innovative mechanics atop classic role-playing elements, presenting a compelling, deep and mature storyline detailing the tumultuous history of a world and its continent. The idea of Bevontule has existed in a very basic, conceptual form for roughly 20 years, its primary emphases being on plot, lore and character development, as well as combat, customization and progression systems.”

As of now, and with a small team, the game is looking pretty good not to be using stolen or borrowed assets… especially while it’s still in an alpha state. I would love to see what this team could do with a bigger budget and better equipment. Anyways, the latest update snippet trailer covers animations and lighting.

The next video reveals the current state of Bevontule’s combat system. As noted above, players will be able to roam around freely, but battles will take up the classic take-turn system.

Both videos above come in thanks to Multithreaded Games channel.

As of now, Bevontule has no release date, but if you do want to play the game or help give feedback to the developers — who are more than happy to receive any type of feedback — a free playable Alpha demo is available over on For additional info you can hit up

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