Ninja Gaiden The Definitive Soundtrack Now Available For Purchase
Ninja Gaiden

The classic Ninja Gaiden for the NES has been given a bit of love from Brave Wave Productions, featuring a limited edition CD and vinyl format release in a two set volume sporting 118 different audio tracks from the classic action game.

The digital album is available right now over on the Band Camp page from Brave Wave for $20. The vinyl record that comes in the two volume boxed set for $85 is currently all sold out. Unfortunately they don’t say when they’ll have more physical copies available, but the re-release of the classic OST from Koei Tecmo has been widely popular. Alternatively, you can pre-order the two separate vinyls from over on Big Wax, a European e-tailer.

Brave Wave CEO Alex Aniel commented about the release of the Ninja Gaiden soundtrack, stating in the press release…

“Street Fighter II The Definitive Soundtrack set a high standard for our Generation Series brand,” […] “Ninja Gaiden The Definitive Soundtrack marks our first foray into restoring NES audio, and the inclusion of Ninja Gaiden on arcade extends our signature work in offering unmatched restorations of arcade music by our Billboard-charted team. With four complete soundtracks across two volumes, these releases offer a chance for fans to experience the roots of TECMO-era composers Keiji Yamagishi, Ryuichi Nitta, and Kaori Nakabai in unprecedented clarity.”

There are mot than just 8-bit remastered renditions of the classic soundtrack, there are also restored versions of the songs from composers Mike Saito, Ryuchi Nitta and Mayuko Okamura. You can listen to some of the tracks from the two volume release with the Band Camp embed below.

You can learn more about the Generation Series and their effort to restore and remaster “legendary” video game soundtracks from years passed – the old days when games were good, the focus was on exemplary gameplay, and gamers would spend countless nights stuck on a stage trying complete it even though they had to get up in the morning for school – by visiting the official Generation Series website.


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