Nintendo Switch Stayed Sold Out Throughout March
Nintendo Switch
(Last Updated On: April 1, 2017)

After launching on March 3rd last month, the Nintendo Switch has managed to move a lot of units around the world. The system sold 1.5 million SKUs within its first week on the market. We haven’t had an update from Nintendo recently about what the install base is like, but the stats and retailer stock seem to show that the console is on the pathway to being a big seller for Nintendo.

According to Now In Stock, the major retailers are still all sold out, and they’ve stayed that way all throughout March.

Amazon briefly had a deal where you if you signed up for Amazon Prime you could get your hands on a $299.99 rendition of the Nintendo Switch, but that offer quickly sold out.

At the moment the most reliable means of getting your hands on a Switch is through scalpers and their overpriced offerings on eBay and Amazon. In fact, Amazon currently has 487 units from resellers starting at $403, with 19 used units starting at $399, and nine collectible units.

It’s noted that those 487 units may not all be legitimate, as many of those sellers literally just launched and have no review ratings nor any guarantee that they actually have a working unit on hand. It’s been advised to steer clear of those kind of scalpers.

As for legitimate retail outlets… they’ve been restocking supplies of the Nintendo Switch regularly, but they can’t seem to keep them on the store shelves. In fact, Wal-Mart got a restock just today on April 1st, 2017 and all of them were sold out in a matter of hours.

In North America getting your hands on a Nintendo Switch is a job in and of itself. According to Digitimes, the brisk sales of the Switch has given Nintendo confidence to move a lot more units this year than what we all originally thought. If momentum stays consistent, Nintendo expects to move 20 million SKUs throughout 2017.

According to Express UK, the Switch isn’t just selling out in North America, it’s also moving big numbers in Japan. It has already surpassed 519,000 SKUs sold in Japan between March 3rd and March 26th.

In the previous week the system sold 80,000 units in Japan. The article notes that the Nintendo Switch is currently outselling the PS4 in Japan during the same time-frame, in which Sony’s system only reached the 500,000 mark in japan after seven weeks of being on the market.

Comparatively, the Nintendo Switch has nearly sold 100,000 more SKUs in Japan than the PS4 within the same time frame. So we’ll see if they can maintain this pace and rhythm globally as they move through April. Software will obviously be the next big hurdle for the Switch in order to avoid the same fate as the Wii U.

According to, GameStop expects the Nintendo Switch to stay sold out at legitimate retailers for the remainder of 2017, which could mean that Nintendo’s 20 million estimate may not be too far off.

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  • Chelsea Dayberry

    If you want to get ripped off buy from Walmart!!!
    Apparently preordering from Walmart for the new Nintendo switch to get a reserved copy of a switch to be picked up in the store, does not actually mean that you will get a switch. Preordering a switch on to be pick up in the store, means that you will be charged for the Nintendo switch and then when the shipment comes in they will sell your copy of the switch to the first customer in the store.
    I ordered a Nintendo switch on on 3/30/17 to have my copy of the switch (which was sold out in less than an hour) available for pickup in the woodmen store on 4/3/17 after 6:00pm. Arriving at the store to pick up my reserved copy of the Nintendo switch, I find out that they have sold out of the switch’s that they received earlier that day. Asking the manager at the store where my preordered copy of the Nintendo switch was if they received the shipment of switch’s and then sold them, they stated that yes, they sold the Nintendo switch’s that they received today on 4/3/17 with 3 of them not being preordered, but did not hold my preordered copy of the switch. To top this experience off the manager stated that he was not even able to refund my account that had been charged for the Nintendo switch that I bought (but was sold to someone else), but I had to contact to receive a refund.
    So, if you would like to be charged for a Nintendo switch, but never actually receive one then preorder one on Otherwise buy from literally anyone else to get one.

  • Disqusted

    I dunno about the numbers, but isn’t it easier to sell out because they’ve been limiting the available stock?

    • Yep.

      That could be a factor. We won’t know unless they reveal the install base numbers.

      Reggie mentioned they had designated 2 million SKUs to move throughout March. They moved 1.5 million in the first week. So either they fulfilled the 2 million and are withholding stock to make it look like it’s more in demand, or it’s actually selling out affluently.

  • RichardGristle

    Going to be interesting to see what this thing does once it has holiday competition from a price-cut PS4/PS4 Pro and Scorpio. Also if Nintendo can actually have enough supply of something for once.

    “Amazon currently has 487 units from resellers starting at $403, with 19 used units starting at $399”

    Hmm, tough choice…

    • lol… those used units are actually real though. Those “new” units at $403 look shady as shyte, and most of them don’t have images to prove that the sellers actually have it in stock.

      Going to be interesting to see what this thing does once it has holiday competition from a price-cut PS4/PS4 Pro and Scorpio. Also if Nintendo can actually have enough supply of something for once.

      The appeal of the PS4 Pro is its improved playability of PSVR games, but they don’t have many good PSVR games available at the moment. I think that’s what Sony should focus on since it will separate them from PC, Switch and Xbox software.

      Trying to push the PS4 Pro as a sub-4K 30fps console is just BS since for $100 more you can get a PC that does native 4K at 30 – 40fps. But Sony really needs to work on the first and second party PSVR software. They’ve been coasting right now due to the piss poor first-party line-up of Xbox games and the non-existent competition provided by the failed Wii U.

      Scorpio is going to be the real wildcard, because Microsoft is going to have to bring their A game at E3. A strong line-up of real games could do them wonders, but they’ve been failing at the first-party gig for so long I don’t know if they have what it takes.

      It looks like — as you mentioned — supply is going to be Nintendo’s biggest enemy along with a consistent supply of software (indies ain’t gonna cut it).

      I will say that the console wars at least looks interesting heading into holiday 2017 for once.

      • RichardGristle

        The thing Sony will have going for it is the sheer amount of exclusive titles. Horizon, NieR, Persona, etc. along with the upcoming God of War already give that console a stand-out year. Nintendo is going to have to fight it off with Zelda and Mario.

        Any and all of the 3 companies have major potential to smash E3 2017. All eyes will certainly be on Nintendo during a crucial time for them and, as you said, Microsoft to see if they can truly turn that ship around.