Omega Quintet, Japanese Idol RPG Set To Launch On PC Later In 2017
Omega Quintet

Ghostlight announced that they’ve signed a deal with Compile Heart and IFI to release the idol-based JRPG Omega Quintet onto PC at some point in 2017.

The game originally came out back in 2015 for the PlayStation 4, featuring five young girls who were not only tasked with saving the world from an ancient evil but also balance their idol singing career in the process.

The game was a mix between standard Otaku fan-service themes fused with dress-up mechanics to appeal to gamers who like playing virtual paper-dolls with their characters. Players could unlock and acquire new outfits and accessories for each of the girls, but in doing so it was also required to be careful during combat not to have the enemy “break” the idols’ clothes and expose them to the world.

You can see what the gameplay and the “costume break” is like with the trailer below.

It’s not just about playing dress up and seeing these girls get stripped down to their bras and panties, though. The game also features turn-based battles centered around using weaponized harmonies. That’s right, you can use the idols’ vocal talents to disrupt and take down baddies in the game.

You can also use a concert mode and a skill-chaining feature to do additional combo damage to enemies during a fight.

Despite the rather silly premise, there’s actually some depth to Omega Quintet and a learning curve to mastering the abilities of the idols.

Omega Quintet - PC Release

They don’t say exactly when PC gamers can expect to play Omega Quintet, but apparently they will release the game at some point later this year along with Lost Dimension.

If you enjoyed games like Fairy Fencer F and other JRPGs from Compile Heart, you might like Omega Quintet. It’s definitely for a particular kind of gamer with an acquired taste for stories centered around Japan’s idol culture.


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