One Dog Story Trailer Sports High-Quality Sprite Work And Level Designs

One Dog Story

BigWay Games released a new trailer for their upcoming 2D platformer, One Dog Story. The game uses 32-bit style sprite graphics, with some cool backgrounds, interesting looking characters and hardcore gameplay.

The new trailer outlines the game’s story and what players will be doing as they take on the role of a dog attempting to escape from an underground laboratory after a horrific accident occurs.

You’ll have to fight enemies, battle bosses and solve puzzles. You can get a look at the gameplay in action with the trailer below.

The game reminds me of Mercenary Kings and various Japanese indie titles.

Players will be able to push objects, collect items, acquire weapons, use skateboards to get around environments, and interact with various NPCs.

Animation wise, the game looks great. The characters have fluent jumping and running animations, while also sporting some great use of special effects, destructible tiles and environments that sport a lot more interaction than most typical 2D side-scrollers.

The added element of interacting with NPCs adds an extra layer of depth to the game, and the various bosses should make for some challenging encounters.

According to the game’s description page, there are various secrets to uncover, as well as collectibles to find scattered throughout the various levels.

Also, depending on the actions you take and the choices you make throughout the journey will determine what ending you get.

It’s hard to pinpoint another game similar to One Dog Story. The closest thing that comes to mind is Cave Story. Yet, both games are not very much alike at all.

Even still, the quality of the sprite work here is top notch. The fact that this isn’t yet another 8-bit indie game could be enough to convince some people to give it a try.

You can look for the game to launch on Steam starting April 28th later this month. If you would like to learn more or add the game to your wishlist, you can do so by visiting the Steam store page.

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