Open Discussion: April 9th, 2017

Here’s the seventh entry to the Open Discussion series and like any other post that we do on this site this one, too, will continue the trend of staying on topic or going off topic.

I’m pretty sure you are probably thinking what the header image is all about, right? Well, it’s about a variety of weapons in games. If you don’t want to you can post anything unrelated to this, but what is your favorite weapon(s) in games, movies or TV shows?

The weapon of choice can range from swords, pole-arms, blunt weapons to manual or automatic guns. I, for one, like a weapon that might seem a bit strange to some people, but it’s the sheer innovation that this weapon brought to a lot of popular weapons like the M4 carbine and M14 rifle.

This weapon is the M1 Garand. In every game where it’s available, I will always use it no matter what due to it being reliable and sporting a system that allows for semi-automatic, accurate fire patterns, or concentrated single shots.

During WW2 the Imperial Japanese managed to capture some M1 Garands and later turned those captured rifles into the Arisaka Type 4 (or Type 5) rifle. The weapon contained some issues and witnessed very little combat. Although trying to find a working Type 4 in real life is close to a pipe dream, thanks to the video game world, it surfaced in Call of Duty: World at War in a modded session by Mark Zweimann.

The weapon also made an appearance in Battlefield 1943, and I’m sure other games too. Keeping it back on the M1 Garand, the weapon known for its eight round internal magazine, its iconic “ping” sound and accurate, hard hitting 30-06 rounds, you can watch a nice video game history of the weapon by Ahoy.

With that said, what’s your favorite weapon? Remember, it does not have to be a gun or a sword, it can be anything that comes to mind.


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