Osiris New Dawn Trailer Explores The Proteus II Update
Osiris New Dawn

A new trailer for Fenix Fire Entertainment’s Osiris New Dawn has gone live. It features a quick 30 second look at one of the planets you’ll be exploring called Proteus II.

The trailer features a quick collage of snippets of gameplay, including some cave exploration, some abandoned vehicles, and a large desert-like atmospheric palette just waiting to be explored. You can check out the trailer below.

The production qualities on the trailer look fantastic. It’s got this kind of Aliens vibe to it that really highlights the thriller aspects of the game.

The developers have been slowly updating the content to add in new features, upgrade the gameplay mechanics and offer gamers more playability.

The Proteus II content patch literally just went live on April 28th. So if you missed it before it’s out there right now. The content adds an all new Ranger class with different skill sets to the game, along with new terrain, new grass types, new AI pathfinding, new dungeons, new mining modes, and new melee combos.

They’ve also fixed the occlusion mapping for some the terrain, to increase the quality of the parallax perspective, as well as updated some of the creature behavior and synching in multiplayer games when using vehicles.

Another trailer specifically covers some of the new map features, which you can check out below.

As usual, the new update also came with some new problems, and Fenix Fire had to do some quick fixing to tweak the issues. A hotfix patch was recently released to address some of the community complaints.

They’ll likely need to keep fixing the game in order to restore some community trust, but that’s kind of what happens when you involve the public in the ongoing development of a game.

Osiris: New Dawn is currently in Early Access over on the Steam store. They’re currently aiming to get to version 1.0 as soon as possible, but they still don’t have a solid release date on the plate just yet.


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