Paradigm Lands On Steam, Brings Back Classic Point And Click Action

Players step into the shoes of a deformed mutant named Paradigm in the game Paradigm. The title sees players attempting to survive and adventure through a post-nuclear Eastern Europe as they attempt to make friends and find a cure for Paradigm’s hideously deformed face.

Jacob Janerka’s point-and-click adventure game is set in the year 2026 where radiation has created a culture of oddities.

One of the game’s features is that he’s supposed to be the ugliest protagonist in gaming… but he’s gonna have a hard time maintaining that title with games like Mass Effect: Andromeda out there.

The artistic-themes are filled from top to bottom with hilarity, though. The game embraces glam-metal, retro-futurism and surrealistic depictions of meme-worthy characters. You can get a glimpse of what the art-style is like and the hideously glamorous protagonist with the trailer below.

You can make love to a toaster, fight against a genetically modified sloth that regurgitates candy bars, and help local drug dealers.

The game is setup to be weird and strange and completely out of blue; something you wouldn’t regularly find being advertised. However, all of that weirdness is part of the game’s undeniably 1990’s pastiche charm.

If you grew up on games like Space Quest and The Neverhood and Normality, you’ll likely find yourself fitting in right at home with Paradigm.

The game appears to clock in at around four to six hours, so if you’re looking for a healthy point-and-click adventure it seems to bring the goods in at an acceptable amount of play time.

The user reviews are also pretty positive and high-up on the game, noting that it’s original, funny and full of weird characters and dialogue options.

It’s available right now for $14.99 but you can get it for 10% off during the first week while it’s on Steam.


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