Perception, Horror Game Set For Release On May 30th For Xbox One, PS4, PC
Perception Release Date

Deep End Games’ next great venture into horror and adventure – after some of the team members have come off working on hit games like BioShock and Dead Space – is gearing up for release on May 30th. The game about the paranormal investigator who happens to be blind – but can use echolocation to navigate complex environment as well as perceive ghostly apparitions – called Perception is set to launch this spring for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

A press release was recently sent out where they explain that investigator, Cassie, uses her extra-sensitive sensory abilities and echolocation to investigate a seemingly haunted estate in New England.

A new trailer was released for the game to give you an idea of what to expect from the upcoming title, which you can check out below.

The trailer shows some really cool imagery on display, including an expansive and eerie looking cemetery, a monster in a car that turns into a raven when it exits, and a doll with what appears to be a multi-barreled pistol.

If the whole game maintains a fine balance between terror and the surreal, this could end up being a sleeper hit of the spring.

While combat isn’t really possible against the ghastly apparitions, players can use the environment as a weapon of sorts. The press release explains how tapping on objects or making noise allows Cassie to “see” via echolocation… but it’s not that easy…

“Every sound creates a visual, but there is a cost. Each cane tap will reveal her whereabouts not only to herself, but to her pursuer, the Presence. She must avoid detection by using the ambient noise of the house to help her navigate or by making use of objects to create distractions.”

It reminds me of using the light in White Noise 2 or trying to see with the camera in Outlast 2.

Deep End Games is definitely taking a risk with a game like Perception. Right now a lot of people are really engrossed with both the content and lore of Outlast 2, so if Perception manages to really separate itself with a compelling story and equally engaging gameplay it might be able to step out of the shadow cast by Red Barrels and capture its own segment of the horror gaming market.

You can look for Perception to launch on May 30th but the press release doesn’t give a price on what the game will cost.


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