Persona 5 Ships 1.5 Million Copies Worldwide For PS3, PS4
Persona 5 Sales
(Last Updated On: April 7, 2017)

Persona 5 has been a big hit for Atlus. Despite the crazy restrictive streaming rules they have setup, the company has managed to hit it off big in terms of reaching a wide audience. The game managed to ship a total of 1.5 million copies to PlayStation gamers around the world.

The news was originally posted up over on the official Persona Channel, where they made the announcement, essentially stating…

“Since launching last year [in Japan] on September 15th [2016], customers have graciously found Persona 5 to be favorable. Launching April 4th [2017] in North America and Europe has also resulted in happy days [for the company], with the worldwide shipping numbers totaling 1.5 million copies.”

This is a significant milestone for Atlus, and this means that they’re doing good business with Persona 5.

According to Gematsu 550,000 of those sales come from Japan alone. However, that figure counts the PS3 and PS4 versions of the game, where as the figure counting the European and North American versions is only for the PS4 version.

Now let’s get one thing clear here: shipping does not guarantee sell-through. A lot of games ship to retailers but they don’t always sell-through to customers. Oftentimes, though, shipments are based on pre-orders and typical pre-release demand, so if they’ve managed to move an additional million copies following the release in North America and Europe, then they obviously expected high demand.

This is actually surprisingly good news for Atlus because that’s actually just a million units shy of what Horizon: Zero Dawn did in two week’s time. So technically they’re doing quite well, so long as the marketing budget wasn’t too extreme and the development costs were kept in check.

If positive word of mouth and strong voluntary sales from a dedicated, grassroots community continue to propel the game’s momentum forward in the marketplace, then Atlus could have a real good smash hit on their hands for 2017.

According to the Persona Channel website, their next big development for the Persona series will be a live-concert set to take place at the Yokohama Arena later this year featuring performances based on the music featured int he game.

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  • Fear Me I Am Free

    I saw a thread on /v/ bitching about it. The only problems that were brought up in the thread that slightly concerned me is that there’s a number of grammar issues apparently. They also bitched about some meme speak added in, but it was from the hacker girl so it fits in my opinion. I’ve heard overall the localization of the story is pretty spot on and that there’s no censorship.

    • Disqusted

      Yeah, I don’t like name changes and localization changes, so I played the Japanese version.

      The hacker girl uses a lot of Japanese memes, so I guess they had to convert them into Western ones. Still don’t like that, but it can’t be helped… I guess.

      • Fear Me I Am Free

        Localization/name changes such as? I’ve been told it’s pretty spot on like 3/4 were, but that’s what I’ve been told. What’s your opinion on it.

        • Disqusted

          I heard they changed Futaba’s alias from Navi to Oracle. She’s called Navi because she’s the navigator. Oracle sounds like she predicts stuff, which she doesn’t.

          But I guess they changed it because the name Navi is used for something else in the game (forgot what now, I think it’s the phone app?), so it could cause confusion.

          I’ve noticed Japanese fiction sometimes use the same few English terms for multiple, different things (PSO2 is a huge perpetrator of this) but usually the context is separate enough to avoid confusion. In English fictional stuff, we usually try to name everything completely differently. Partly because people are overzealous with copyrights and lawsuits, I guess.

          I think there was another change that bugged me, but I’ve forgotten what it was.

          Localization changes would be stuff that nobody would understand outside of Japan. Japanese cultural references and memes, etc. I know some of those, so I enjoy the original as is. I’m not as much of a fan of Western memes.

          It’s been a while since I played. The only example I can recall (and I don’t know how it is in the English version) is how Futaba says “saradaba–!” for “farewell!”. In Japanese, farewell is “sarabada”. I’m assuming if your tongue gets twisted or in some cases where it’s misheard, it sounds like “saradaba” which can mean stuff like “salad bar”. Here’s an article I found that explains it in more detail, with examples (in Japanese):

          There’s a Fist of the North Star reference listed on there. That’s probably what Futaba was referring to.

          I thought Futaba’s “saradaba–!” was hilarious, so I’d be sad if that was missing or changed from the English version. It’s mostly stuff like that. I used to translate manga and stuff, and there’s a lot of stuff that doesn’t really have an equivalent in English. I’m always sad when that meaning gets lost in translation.

          Some examples of recent well-known anime that use Japanese net lingo/culture references are Steins Gate and Lucky Star. It’s pretty easy to look up explanations for those references online. Here are a few from those two animes that I recall:

          Steins Gate’s “shibireru akogareru” line (originally from the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure movie, Phantom Blood):

          Lucky Star’s Sukekiyo mask (from the Inugami family film):

          Just to give you an idea of stuff that’s probably difficult or impossible to localize. Just run those links through Google Translate or something.

  • Disqusted

    I wonder if it’d sell more if they bothered porting the English version to PS3. Probably going to be another job for modders. Should be easy because the PS3 files are already easily moddable. Not sure about the PS4 files, though.

  • SevTheBear

    Have heard a lot of good about the game. I hope it sells well. I enjoyed Persona 4 so this has been a long wait for this sequel. If it’s as good or better than P4, I think fans will have a good time with it.