PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Guide To Item Locations, The Map And More

Do you keep losing in PlayerUnknown’s Battleground due to poor equipment, bad attachments and items that do not help in dire need? If so, this guide will help you find item spawn points, which include weapons, healing resources, vehicles and other important things to help you survive in the PC Battle Royale-like game.

If you need help locating stuff in a quick and concise way, hopefully this guide will help you out. With that said the game’s map, posted by ShatterNL, will be shown in a full-scale image below — along with a broken down version showing an upper and lower peninsula-like section for a better look at what spawns where in the map.

Battleground’s Map And Item Spawn Rate

Here’s an image of the full map.

Here’s the Northern portion of the map.

And here’s the Southern portion of the map.

As you can see in the bottom left-hand corner of the South part of the map is a very helpful Legend that shows specific items and gear connected to colors corresponding to them. The Legend also reveals spawn percentage, which can help with moving into certain locations better. For a full rundown on the map you can hit up ShatterNL’s Steam Community guide page.

Overall Video Guide

A certain YouTuber who has a growing love for PlayerUnknown’s Battleground also has a visual guide that runs over a list of things that just might help you out. You can check out LevelCapGaming‘s video guide below.

Sound System And Spotting Based On Sound

Sound is a very important thing, especially when in a firefight. If you can trace the sound of a weapon fired (that is if the bullet hitting the ground isn’t closer than the shooter) you will be able to hear the shot(s) and will be able redirect your positioning to execute the shooter in the far off distance to secure a good spot on the number chart. You can read a nice sound guide that Crowii posted on PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Steam guide page.

Another Overall Guide, But In Text Form

An overall guide that details nearly everything from graphic settings, control tips, waiting in the lobby, in the plane, picking where to jump, looting, the medical system, weapons, the circle, vehicles, airdrops, swimming and much more can all be found in Havocprime’s Reddit guide post.

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is out now for PC via Steam Early Access and runs for $29.99.


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