Power Rangers: Legacy Wars Update Adds New Rangers, Villains, Theater Mode
Power Rangers Legacy Wars - Lord Zedd

Nway’s Powr Rangers: Legacy Wars was recently updated for mobile devices, adding in an all new League 6 Harwood County War Zone for gamers to experience, along with brand new characters to unlock.

They’ve included the new rare Lord Zedd leader, the epic assist version of Lord Zedd, the epic Super Mega Force Robo Knight, the epic assist version of the Super Mega Force Robo Knight, the rare leader version of Super Samurai Master Xandred, and the rare assist version of Tommy Oliver as the Green Ranger.

They’ve also introduced a new theater mode for gamers to mess around with, which allows you to check out replays of the matches in case you need to study your opponents or go over your own moves and learn how to make your fight sequences better. You can see what the new characters and mode is like in action with an overview video that was uploaded by YouTuber wbangcaHD.

In addition to adding in new content for players to mess around with and unlock either by playing through the game or spending some hard earned cash in the cash shop, nWay also made some tweaks to the gameplay, improving the combat balancing, along with making it where there’s reduced blocking from the AI. They’ve also made minor adjustments to each of the characters based on feedback and stat monitoring, and they’ve also reduced some of the dash push that players can execute on one another.

General quality of life changes have also been made, including improvements to the morph box UI, making it easier to find open Alliances in the list, and improvements to the overall network stability to increase performance between PvP matches and reduce lag.

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is available right now for both iOS and Android devices. You can learn more about the game or download a free copy through the portals on the official website


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