Quake Champions Gamplay Video Arrives With Closed Beta Announcement

Bethesda, id software and Saber Interactive are currently working on Quake Champions, a new iteration of the classic fast-paced, first-person arena shooter. Although the PC exclusive game has no release date yet, the devs are planing to release a Closed Beta on April 6th to help shape the game.

Although I’m not all that excited or interested in this edition of Quake, I am curious if Bethesda and id Software can pull the same stunt that they pulled with Doom (2016) single player, but with Quake Champions’ multiplayer? If so, that would be pretty interesting.

But enough of me rambling, a new video trailer is now out and viewable thanks to Bethesda Softworks showing the new iteration of Quake, which features prominent competitive Quake player ZeRo4. Said player can be seen assuming an old character (or Arena Lord) from Quake 3 Arena, Anarki.

In addition to Anarki, the character sports a main ability named “Injection”, allowing him to rejuvenate his health — which also has an after effect that increases his speed for five seconds. Those who remember the art of B-hopping or Bunny hopping will be able to take an extra advantage of the maneuver due to Anarki’s passive of increased strafe-jump, movement speed and air-control.

Acknowledging that the upcoming first-person arena shooter does not have a release date yet, the devs posted up a gameplay trailer showing how the current game plays (with the help of ZeRo4), which also arrives with this description:

“Before stepping into the Arena, we wanted to show you some fast, uninterrupted gameplay of Quake Champions.”

If the above looks like something that is intriguing or something that looks just okay, you can further your curiosity by signing up to Quake Champions’ Closed Beta to get an hands on experience. The process to sign up for the Closed Beta sits below.

“Haven’t signed up for the Quake Champions Closed Beta yet? The test event kicks off on Thursday, April 6, with an initial group of testers. We’ll be adding more players over time, so be sure to sign up now! https://quake.bethesda.net/en/signup“.

If the above link does not work you can try going to the official site to try to see if it functions correctly. Anyways, Quake Champions has no release date now, but it is set to hit PC.

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