Quake Champions Second Closed Beta Keys Are Now Live

Want to play Quake Champions early? Well, if you want to give Bethesda and id Software’s 21st century take on the classic popular first-person arena shooter, the devs are now sending out a second wave of Closed Beta keys to gamers who participated in the first and to gamers who sign up through the game’s main site.

If you’ve been out of the loop and haven’t kept up with the latest news regarding Quake Champions Closed Beta sessions, I think now is the time to dive in if you want to play the game early. Additionally the first round of Closed Beta keys have ended, but the devs have posted up on Twitter that a second round of keys will be sent to those who’ve participated in the first wave and to those who are looking to sign up through quake.bethesda.net.

As seen above in the tweet that @QuakeChampions tweeted to fans around and about, the second wave of Closed Beta keys will start on April 13th. Those who have just signed up (or previously participated in the first Closed Beta) should receive an email letting them know that they’ve been accepted into the Closed Beta.

It’s worth noting that those who have entered the first Closed Beta will have access to all future events and will automatically receive a code. They will also receive 500 Platinum to compensate all progress being erased. I’m not sure if this will apply to first timers who’ve signed up to the second wave going forward, but I thought to throw that info out there in case some folks were wondering.

Anyways, if you want more information surrounding the second Closed Beta it is best to head on over to quake.bethesda.net. Those who are interested in the full version of Quake Champions will find that the game is set to release exclusively for PC, but currently has no release date yet.

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