Randy Pitchford’s Call Of Duty: WW2 Comparison Tweet Causes Self-Inflicted Backlash
(Last Updated On: April 24, 2017)

Instead of Vandal Pitchfork working on Borderlands 3 or some crappy update for the dying game known as Battleborn, cuck-face Pitchfork wanted to start a little spat between Activision and Sledgehammer’s latest Call of Duty: WW2 title, by comparing Brothers In Arms: Hell’s Highway to the latter game’s cover… but a backlash spawned out of it.

I know that there are some games out there that feature similar covers and all — some even go to the extent of mirroring another intellectual property to heighten sales of said franchise’s awareness among gamers. Sometimes there are companies that don’t actually mean to steal the cover art of another game, and other times they do.

What I’m trying to say here is that copying is bad, but it’s worse when a copier steals something and then goes to call another copier out without admitting their own theft. Catching wind from publication site GameRant —  we see the backlash take place live and in action with cuck-face Vandal Pitchfork trying to accuse CoD: WW2 of stealing a scene on Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway Special Edition cover, depicting Matt Baker holding his fallen comrades’ dogtags.

A lot of people just thought it was a light poke until he followed it through an hour later with this:

One person by the name of Bustin replied with a tweet that was quite funny, and almost received a blocked for posting up a metaphorical joke that holds some truth, as seen below.

On a serious note other fans started to bring up how Borderlands was a ripoff of Code Hunters and used similar scenes like this:

[Editor’s note: The full story behind Code Hunters was actually covered by Gather Your Party, where the artist revealed in detail how Gearbox had essentially lifted his conceptual assets in order to make Borderlands. The GYP article was one of the only few sites willing to interview the artist about what transpired between the project and Gearbox Software.]

Even though I don’t like CoD and would love to believe that it copied Battlefield 1, the reality is that CoD: WW2 has been in development well before BF1 was announced. What’s more is that this occurrence is more likely a coincidence given how the Brothers in Arms series isn’t all that popular or as hard-hitting a series like Medal of Honor, Call of Duty or Battlefield. In other words, it’s more likely that this image (below) that Twitter user Martin van Vuuren‏ posted happened instead of what Pitchfork is suggesting.

Whether the devs behind Call of Duty: WW2 did commit an act of theft, Pitchfork is in no position to do the slightest of comparisons when, in fact, the Brothers in Arms series is a complete copy of a Band of Brothers and Saving Private Ryan, I mean there’s even dialogue copied straight from the aforementioned properties.

Reading through fans’ comments on Randy Pitchford’s feed of tweets will certainly give you a good laugh, however, some actual news about Brothers In Arms did unfold in that a new game is in the works, thanks to Twitter user Martino.

Before signing out, and beyond Pitchford’s failed attempt to play the victim of creative infringement, are you excited for a new Brothers in Arms game or no?

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  • Raging Papist

    Finally… After the fallout I had with ign, rock paper shotgun, kotaku, and after GamerGate, I finally feel like I have a gaming site for me. I hope this place continues to grow, but keeps its vibe. Don’t let your site become converged!

  • fnd


    Those are just illuminati related. They really love the eye of horus.

  • Migi

    COD’s new release was only worth the Triggering that Randy got from it. now I’m off to wait for a Bloodborne 2 announcement, Cause only From software knows how to make a interesting world full of darkness.

    Nowadays shooter are more arcade style than realistic so i won’t get my hopes up for any in the future.

  • AlecJ

    The further into the butthole of the twisted hell spawn of fake “justice” a man goes, the more easily they are consumed by petty spite and hypocrisy.

    I bet Pitchford doesnt even realize what a self centered hack he is being. He is reacting on the feelings of a 13 year old girl…..which is how he has been taught to see the world.

    Children are that narcissistic because they havent seen the world and dont yet understand everyone isnt their family, the left is trying to turn govt into our parents making us all children for life……its only natural progressive cultists like Pitchford sink into the mindset of rotten spoiled adolescents.

    Im sure there is a bit of victim instinct going on there, also. There is nothing more noble in the world of “social justice” than the victim.

    I predict a long slow decent into 3rd party work for Gearbox. Pitchford is nipples close to blowing up his ability to sell an ip.

  • SevTheBear

    Pitchford is an ass.

    If they can make a GOOD Brothers in Arms game then sure. But after their last 4 games I doubt it.

  • Disqusted

    Not him again.

  • Phasmatis75

    Sounded more like he was making a light jab at COD rather than crying infringement. Probably got garner attention for Brothers in Arms which they left abandoned as a franchise except for shitty IOS games. Money’s on an E3 announcement now that WW1 has proven popular.

  • Gorgon

    This is a hilarious display of hypocrisy.

    To be fair, I did like BiA series back in the day. Gearbox was way more respectable then. They even honestly admitted to their extensive borrowing from Bands of Brothers, so nobody really gave them shit for it.

  • giygas
    • Migi

      Robert Godick is just as much of a scumbag as Randy Bitchford, They both deserve their minds blown in real life. Sadly these images will ahve to do for now.

  • durka durka

    that was epic

  • RichardGristle

    Good to see that folks are no longer giving warriors like Pitchford a free pass on their whiny bullshit. This guy has signaled and projected enough; time for him to taste some humble.

  • ParasiteX

    Get ready, Randy is writing another sing-along-song in response to all of this.

  • anopolis

    in the words of the crazy lady in ace ventura …pitchford can die of gonorrhea and rot in hell…laces out.

  • jlnod15

    Randy.. Randy.. Why?… Just.. stay off twitter.