Rifter, Sonic And Dustforce-Inspired Game Enters Greenlight

A new indie project by developer IMakeGames seeks to channel the essence of speed that the original Sonic games offered, all while combining it with technique-based gameplay much like Dustforce. This new game goes by the name of Rifter and is currently seeking votes on Greenlight.

At first glance I thought Rifter was going to be a lazy game until the trailer kept rolling, revealing another spectrum that calls for way more skill-based reflexes from players than one might think. Channeling that fast-paced rush that Sonic games contained, the developer also noted that inspiration from games like Dustforce, Bionic Commando and Hotline Miami can also be found in Rifter.

The trailer is up for your viewing pleasure, which comes in by Maximilian Csuk.

Some of the boss fight continues in one of Csuk’s tweets on Twitter.

The game is simple in nature, but looks like it’s hard to master. I hope the game does mix up the scenarios or stages in that the rush continues throughout levels in an unpredictable way.

Anyways, the developer has a bulleted list detailing what will be in Rifter. You can catch some of the highlights or features below:

  • Run, swing and dash your way through 50+ levels
  • Boss fights against huge enemies
  • Stay fast and agile, avoid enemy attacks and strike back with your gun and your sword
  • Discover secrets and complete challenges to unlock new areas and better gear
  • Pumping 80s synthwave soundtrack
  • Compete online for the best level times and scores.

Honestly, I’m looking forward to seeing more of this game. It’s fast, simple and although it features the retro 1980’s genre that quite a bit of indie games sport, Rifter does blend it well with the other fast-paced and skill-based looking mechanics nestled in its core.

If this game seems like something worth voting for you can do so by hitting up Steam Greenlight. For additional info you can head on over to rifter.imake-games.com.


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