New Videos Show Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Closed Beta Wave 6.1 Changes

If you’ve missed out on the most recent Closed Beta session for Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, you are in luck seeing how some YouTubers and the devs released the change-log for the most recent Closed Beta Wave 6.1 that will help fix the game before the devs release the upcoming Closed Beta Wave 7 session. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is set to release for PC sometime 2017.

That’s right, the most recent Closed Beta Wave for Antimatter Games and Tripwire Interactive’s Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is about to end as of this writing, and the devs recently revealed that they are getting ready to take your feedback from the most recent Closed Beta Wave 6.1 and will apply it to the game before the upcoming Closed Beta Wave 7 arrives, which can be seen below.

“Our ONLY goal with this build is to get player feedback on the balance changes going into these two maps so we can take further action if it is needed before Closed Beta Wave 7.”

Those gearing up to play test the seventh Closed Beta Wave should carefully read over the change-log that covers some pretty big changes that will alter how conflicts play out. Here’s a brief summary of the upcoming changes found in the CBW:

  • Hue City objectives A and B lock when captured
  • U.S forces have easier access to rooftops on Cu Chi
  • Stage tunnels improved
  • Various weapons updated to reflect proper balancing

For more information on the changes that were made to the game and will likely change when Beta Wave 7 rolls around, you can hit up the Steam Community page.

If you want to see a quick look at the changes in that Closed Beta Wave 6.1 offered up, two new videos are here to show what changed. The first video is long but not as long as the second video, which the first video is by BreakTheVices, while the second video comes in by Sgt.Nightfire Gaming.

If you want to get in on the next upcoming Open Beta you can head on over to to heighten your chance of being picked.


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