Sailaway – The Sailing Simulator Is Now Available For PC Via Early Access

Featured on this site not too long ago, Orbcreation and The Irregular Corporation’s Sailaway – The Sailing Simulator has been quite the popular title with nautical sim fans, and now it’s finally available on Steam. The game explores both the intricate and basic fundamentals of operating a sail across physics based water. Sailaway as of now is playable for PC via Steam Early Access.

If simulators are your thing and you like to play games revolving around water or the sea, Sailaway – The Sailing Simulator might be a game worth checking out. If you have no idea as to what the game is about or what it has to offer a description explaining Sailaway sits below.

“In Sailaway, the oceans of the planet have been recreated with unparalleled accuracy; making a trip across the Pacific take months, just as it would on a real boat. With a persistent online world, adjust your settings and your boat will continue to sail even if you aren’t online. Receive updates via email as your boat continues its progress, but don’t forget to check in often – with real-time weather data pulled from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) conditions can change in just a few hours.”

I’m pretty sure the online thing may come across cool to some and annoying to others. Hopefully the feature can bring out the best of both worlds for those who like to sail solo and for those who like to play with a group of other players by making sure that the feature does not seem intrusive for lone-wolves and works properly for multiplayer lovers.

Furthermore, folks looking to get a nice glimpse of Sailaway and what it has to offer, the devs just released a new trailer showing what its Early Access phase has to offer.

Sailaway currently has a 10 percent off deal on Steam Early Access that drops its original price of $39.99 to $35.99, which will end on May 2nd. If this game seems interesting to you more information can be found over on


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