Santa Monica Studio Seeks To Implement Multiplayer In God Of War Games

It seems like every dev and their momma wants multiplayer now, and it’s mostly due to the “competitive” and “eSports” scene that generates enough money for devs so that they can laugh all the way to the bank, to the bakery, and back to the bank again. Well, there’s no exception here with the God of War games. Santa Monica Studios will bring multiplayer to either the upcoming God of War game or in a spin off of the God of War series.

Just as a clarification on where I stand with multiplayer — because it seems that I’m not clear enough and keep receiving emails that I want single-player games to die — I am not for single-player games like God of War going multiplayer for the “ma’ competitive e-sports” route.

I firmly believe that if developers make a single-player game it should stay that way, and if the genre starts to feel stale move on to another series and don’t ruin the franchise by turning it into some strange repulsive Overwatch or MMO clone. In other words, keep what is working intact and respect the fans and IP so that it can last for years to come, without cutting into development time to create a mess.

With that said, it’s a fact that Santa Monica is looking for a Senior Multiplayer Programmer to help the team out so that the God of War games will reflect said feature. The information listed below comes from Gamasutra.

Senior Multiplayer Programmer


Santa Monica Studio is seeking a Senior Multiplayer Programmer to join our team behind the critically acclaimed God of War games.


We value talent, self-motivation, and team spirit. In turn, we provide an environment with a large degree of freedom and autonomy.


You are a multiplayer coder – that’s your thing. You know both the back and front ends, and understand the tech and the architecture. And you want all players to have the best possible shared experience, because you are one of them.

Now there is some speculation going around — and it should be taken with a grain of salt — that the upcoming God of War could feature multiplayer, but there’s another game in the God of War realm that will sport the multiplayer feature for gamers to indulge in.

I know that a lot of developers want a slice of the money making “competitive” pie, but at the same time devs must respect franchises and the player base so that an iconic series of games won’t falter to an identity crisis that repulses the people who actually buy and support said games. I know that staying relevant is important, but it’s also important not to turn a good series of games into something equivalent to trash.

Anyways, you can learn more about the job listing by heading over to


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