Seeking Evil: The Wendigo Set To Hit Steam This April

If you like walking simulators there’s good news for you, developers Copybugpaste has a new game called Seeking Evil: The Wendigo that is set to come out for PC via Steam Early Access sometime in April, 2017.

I’m not a huge fan of walking simulators or jump scare games that have you (the player) roaming around with a flashlight collecting things, while walking around a supposedly “scary” environment. The idea of walking sims, when first introduced, didn’t seem bad at the time, but now that it has become over saturated the genre feels a bit stale.

I’m not sure if Copybugpaste (what a name) will deliver something different when it comes to offering the Early Access build of Seeking Evil: The Wendigo, but I do have to admit that for an indie game the graphics do look pretty decent.

The game explores a “creepy” forest located in North America, where at first glance it may seem peaceful, but after traversing the location it manifests all the curses embedded in the dangerous grounds ruled by the Wendigo.

Much like Slender Man where the player must find collectible items to complete the game, this game, too, has it where the player must find and burn nine totems before the Wendigo overcomes you.

In addition to the above, while the player must find and burn the nine totems scattered around the cursed field, the Wendigo itself is said to be fast, smart and hone a great sense of the environment to find and devour the player.

The only way to complete the mission, the player must use stealth and tactical timing to outsmart the creature. If this PC game set to debut on Steam Early Access this April seems like something worth checking out you can either read the description and watch the trailer below, or hit up its newly posted Steam page.

“Deep in the cursed forests of North America you’re being haunted by a bloodthirsty predator. Outsmart the Wendigo and live, be reckless and face certain death! Now playable in VR and non-VR.”

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