Shadow Warrior 2 Certified For Release On PS4, Xbox One
Shadow Warrior 2
(Last Updated On: April 14, 2017)

Shadow Warrior 2 came out a while back on PC for Steam users and customers. Flying Wild Hog and Devolver Digital’s first-person, cooperative, rogue-like shooter scored some positive marks for its fun-filled gameplay and focus on high-end, bloody entertainment.

The official Shadow Warrior 2 Twitter account recently announced that the sequel to the reboot has recently been certified for release on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

This is the step just before a game usually goes gold and preps for shipment.

In this particular case the game was released last October in 2016 for PC to rave reviews, and Flying Wild Hog spent that time further ironing out the kinks and optimizing Shadow Warrior 2 for the Xbox One and PS4. It’s usually rare that a game leads on PC and then makes its way to consoles, but indie studios and mid-budget studios aren’t afraid to focus on PC first and then show some sloppy-second love to home consoles.

Unlike the original Shadow Warrior reboot, Flying Wild Hog took time to completely overhaul the gameplay concept and improve on the experience every step of the way, including mixing melee weapons and projectile weapons together, giving gamers 70 different weapons to pick up and use.

There’s also a variety of special weapon modifications to unlock as well. That’s not even including features like the four-player cooperative drop-in and drop-out mode, or the procedural map system to add replayability to the game if you decide to play it over again or at least more than once, something many AAA games lack.

They’ve also taken hints from Tripwire Interactive’s Killing Floor 2 by upgrading the gore system and making it high-impact and laughably delicious.

There’s no release date yet for the PS4 and Xbox One version of Shadow Warrior 2, but they say it’s coming soon. What would also be really cool is if the game launched for the Nintendo Switch as well. I know it’s a long shot but one can hope.

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  • Phasmatis75

    Heads up, the game virtue signals to the point where the ending is end the world because “you go girl.” There is a reason it didn’t sell even a fraction as well as the original.

    • Hm, didn’t know this. Did people notice this or was it something that subtly slipped by them?

      • Phasmatis75

        I didn’t really follow what other people were saying, but it is entirely overt. Main villain is only a victim of how men used her, voice in head is perfect, main character reduced to sex joke quipping loser (kiss his story arch and character progress from the original goodbye). The dialog was criticized my many people, and the main female character was greatly disliked by a lot.

        A lot of people focused on other things like the lack luster loot system, the bad forgettable randomly generated levels, combat was okay but relied on enemies level scaling so it got boring by the end. Game had a lot of issues, some they’ve fixed but unless they rewrite the entire game it’s stuck screwed.

        While the original would go onto be remember favorably and nearly a million units on the PC. 2 plateaued and it did so fast and hard at only 200k, now a quarter of a million units. Sales wise 2 was a disaster and it deserved it. While fun it is not something I would ever play again nor is it something I remember fondly.

        You can look at steamchartz for both games. Shadow Warrior got peaks over and over again. Shadow Warrior 2 had one for launch and then died.

        • Mike Doe

          Wtf r u mumbling? They turned a profit on SW2 and gave away DLC for free as a thnx to fans. The game is great.

          • Phasmatis75

            Incorrect on all accounts. The DLC was to expand the main game to flesh it out further which was stated during several previews for the DLC. What you are referring to about profit is a PR line about the game having better launch sales than the original, which is true the original did not have great launch sales, but went on to develop a very loyal following. Shadow Warrior 2 did not.

            Thanks to Steamspy and Steamcharts we can see how many people own a game and how often it is played. Even with the release of the DLC the game only saw a tiny uptick in players that quickly died. As for profit the developer employs over 100 employees and the max revenue they could have made for the game is 7 million. At 2.?? years the of development the game hasn’t turned a profit. If you are curious for every year of operations they have to spend $8,306,000 on average plus licensing fees. At .6 million sold the game will be profitable hence why they want a console release.

  • durka durka

    can you ask them when the bounties dlc part 2 is coming out?