Sledgehammer Notes That Call Of Duty WW2 Will Be Biggest Game Yet

Call of Duty is a series that comes out yearly and amasses millions of players. For some it means everything to them, and well, to others it is complete cancer. At one point more people gravitated to the former, especially during Call of Duty’s WW2 days — which the upcoming game is rumored to be exploring this time around. And speaking of the upcoming version, the devs note that it will be the “biggest game” Call of Duty game they’ve made yet.

According to publication site GameRant who picked up on an update post that Activision listed on its main community site, the upcoming Call of Duty is supposedly going to be “bigger” this time around. Obviously this is just typical talk to get people to spread the buzz around about the new title, but it seems that Sledgehammer (the ones working on the new CoD) actually needs a bigger crew of new devs to help make the game, since the studio has reportedly been expanded.

The publication site notes that instead of Sledgehammer simply giving more room to the employees, the expansion of the building will supposedly help the developers with its “dynamic” feel for more creative space.

Although I’m not excited for this new CoD, especially after Infinite Warfare, it seems that a lot of fans believe that it could return CoD back to its “glory days”. Whether you believe that or not, it’s for a fact that Sledgehammer believes that the upcoming CoD will be the biggest game that they’ve made:

“This year, we will release our biggest game-making project to date. We are extremely excited to reveal it to the world and to you, our HammerHeads. With an incredible team of talented developers and hard-working innovators, all that’s left in the equation is a workspace that matches the level of excellence that Hammers strive towards.”

It’s best to wait for an actual gameplay trailer or reveal that doesn’t show CGI scenes but actual gameplay elements and other core features to determine whether or not the game is something worth looking into or not.

The upcoming Call of Duty game has no release date or platform announcement as of now.


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