Sniper Elite 4 Deathstorm Part 2 Campaign Update Now Available
Sniper Elite 4

The second part of a three part DLC campaign for Rebellion Entertainment’s Sniper Elite 4 has officially released, called “Deathstorm: Infiltration”. This follows on the heels of the release of part 1, giving gamers a little something extra to sink their teeth into.

The content sees Karl going back into Italy in order to find a scientist and his wife and extract them from the town of Niroli. The map takes place obviously in Niroli, giving gamers a new set of opportunities to stealth or Rambo their way through the baddies.

The second installment of the Deathstorm DLC is accompanied by the Urban Assault Expansion Pack, which is available right now with eight new urban-themed skins for the rifles, and new ghillie suit characters for both males and females in the multiplayer mode. They even tossed in three new classic weapons, including the Winchester, Sten and Walther PPK.

Even if you don’t purchase any of the new DLC, a new map has been added for free called Urban, which is available for PvP and the cooperative survival mode, and some additional fixes have been made to Sniper Elite 4 to make it perform a bit better.

The game has had a low-key release across PS4, PC and Xbox One. Rebellion plans on providing additional updates and content throughout the rest of spring and summer for Sniper Elite 4 in order to usher in some more interest. For Sniper Elite 3 there was also the zombie alternative that was hugely popular for the game, but I don’t know if they can pull that trick out of the hat twice. That’s not to mention that the media’s overzealous fascination with Nazis has made them far less villainous than they should be, giving the general public the impression that they’re more cartoony and sympathetic, which greatly diminishes the appeal of shooting them in the face in Sniper Elite 4.

At this juncture, a DLC pack for Sniper Elite 4 where you go around shooting a bunch of rich, hipster, trust-fund propagandists spreading lies from mainstream media outlets would probably sell like crazy.


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