Spy DNA Preps To Enter Early Access In Q2 2017

Developers Shy Snake Games have announced that Spy DNA, their tactical espionage strategy game, is set to enter into Steam Early Access at some point during the second quarter of 2017.

The game was recently greenlit over on Steam Greenlight, where they recently came off a crowdfunding campaign for the game.

They made the announcement about the game’s Early Access run by also releasing a blog post talking about the roadmap that they have planned for the game while it moves through the development phase. You can check it out over on the official Shy Snake website.

In order to help speed up development, they decided to switch to the Unreal Engine 4.15.1, utilizing some of the engine’s built-in capabilities for improved lighting and the Blueprints make it a lot more convenient to get features and functions implemented into the game with ease.

The first thing they plan on doing is updating the UI with new icons, and update the map appearance to get rid of map edges.

Once they get that all setup they plan on adding in new missions and mission types. This will give gamers a bit more to experience as they play through the Early Access missions made available in the game. They mention on the blog that they’ve made it where you can customize the equipment for each of the members of the team you bring with you on the mission.

They’ll be including both hand-made missions and procedurally-generated missions in the demo. The two different mission setups will give gamers a small taste of what they have planned in the long run of the game’s development.

Based on the feedback they also increased the size of the maps, so players will be able to get more out of it.

The game itself is a little bit like Jagged Alliance, but instead of taking turns like traditional isometric strategy games, players will use a real-time pause feature to plot out what their characters will do and where they will go, and then unpause the game to see it all unfold in action.

They don’t have an exact date on when the game will land on Early Access but it appears it’s set to arrive some time this summer.

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