Star Citizen 2.6.2 Update Goes Live With Mega Maps, Drake Buccaneer, and More!

The new update for Star Citizen 2.6.2 is now live and includes new content and a ton of bug fixes.

I’m not going to list every single fix in this article for the new Star Citizen 2.6.2 update because the list of all the fixes is literally massive, but I will run through the basics and include the most important highlights.

First off, we now have Mega Maps in the game. The Mega Map technology allows the game to stream content in and out faster while creating larger play areas for players to explore. This also means that the loading times are drastically reduced between areas whenever the game needs to load a new map. So if you travel from one location to the next, the Mega Maps will stream load the new area a whole lot faster than what it was doing before, and will hopefully reduce the wait time between areas. However, Mega Maps are not currently enabled for Crusader or Area 18 just yet.

The Drake Buccaneer ship is now available in Star Citizen 2.6.2 and was also enabled for the Crusader and Arena Commander modes. YouTube Channel Gaming With Jim Tests out The Drake Buccaneer using Gatling guns and other heavy hitting weapons like the Combine Ballistic Canon, to give you a look at what the ship is like in combat. Check out the gameplay video below.

Moving on from the new ship and the Mega Maps, we take a look at changes made to Star Marine. The Last Man Standing mode now requires 6 players to start a match instead of 8, hopefully reducing wait times. The ability to use Melee and Prone have been removed due to an exploit with a glitch with the animations so they will return after the exploits are fixed.

Players will also now get a +25 headshot bonus for killing enemies with projectile weapons. The Last Stand scoreboard also will now show the number of Control Points captured. For those of you that like using the TrackIR function, it has been Reenabled and is back in the game.

We then have the massive list of bug fixes and other User experiences fixes, such as the resolution now supporting super wide screen resolutions (21:9), and fixed UI bugs for the 21:9 settings. To view the complete list of changes, you can head on over to the official website for further details about all the changes made in the 2.6.2 Patch Notes.

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