Star Citizen Set To Receive Railgun, Fatigue System In Alpha 3.0
Star Citizen 3.0

Roberts Space Industries announced that there’s a free week of being able to play with the Anvil Super Hornet if you have a Star Citizen account. Over on the official RSI website they roll out the details on how you can give the Anvil Super Hornet a spin. But that’s just a small part of what they’ve released recently in terms of information and details for Star Citizen.

Over on the official Star Citizen YouTube channel they rolled out another episode of Around the Verse, where they highlighted a lot of the new features set to drop in alpha version 3.0. You can check out the video below.

They also talk about the fatigue system, where the more tired your character is the more difficult it will be to vault objects and move around quickly. Fatigue also affects how much bob you’ll see from the first person view.

Dynamic FOV will also work with the new active HUD system, so whether you want to zoom in or zoom out, all of the text and numbers will be legible and visible no matter how you setup your field of view, which is pretty cool.

They also plan on implementing procedural habitats soon enough, and they’re already in the gray box testing phase, so they work but they still need to iterate it for the final pass.

They even showcased a few work-in-progress internal spaces that players will be able to venture through.

Star Citizen - Plasma Shotgun

They talk about the new plasma shotgun, the new railgun, and showcase a few more scenarios and ships that players will be able to explore.

Another capital ship was also outlined… the Aegis Javelin.

The Javelin is a large-scale ship with three different decks. They explain that the engineering at the lower deck is designed to be like a boiler room, while the mid-deck is designed for recreation and habitation, and the top deck is designed for the technical aspects, which is where the captain and the rest of the flight officers reside.

It’s also really, really cool what they have planned for the ship is that when a certain area is damaged, engineers will be required to lock down areas of the bulkhead and lock off access in order to reroute power to keep the ship running.

What’s also really neat is that the Javelin is designed for multiplayer battle arenas as well, so not only are each of the decks designed for utilitarian purposes but also for fun multiplayer deathmatches as well.

The 3.0 roadmap is available over on the RSI website, with many of the features for 3.0 scheduled to launch throughout June.


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