Star Wars: Battlefront 2’s Campaign Written By IGN’s Mitch Dyer, Spec Ops’ Walt Williams
Star Wars Battlefront II - Iden Versio
(Last Updated On: April 17, 2017)

As the hype train for promotion ramps up for Star Wars: Battlefront II, new information has been revealed to give gamers either pause for reflection or excitement to embrace. The latest bit of news to surface has revealed that one of the co-writers for Spec Ops: The Line, Walt Williams, will be joined by former IGN writer, Mitch Dyer, in crafting out the story for Star Wars: Battlefront II’s campaign, which stars female Inferno Squad commander, Iden Versio.

The duo have been working with design studio Motive, who is in charge of the game’s single-player campaign mode.

The news about Williams and Dyer being the lead writers on the campaign comes from a Twitter post from Williams, who stated the following…

For those unfamiliar with Williams’ work, he helped put together the story for Spec Ops: The Line, which was an anti-military take on a recon and rescue mission gone awry.

Mitch Dyer, alternatively, has not worked on any established video game franchises before. He was part of the GameJournoPros, and contributed regularly to IGN. He was also one of the individuals who was staunchly against the reformation of ethics in video game journalism, and espouses many of the same beliefs and standards put forward by third-wave male feminists.

Nevertheless, a prequel book written by Christie Golden will be available on July 25th called Star Wars: Inferno Squad, covering the events leading up to the formation of Inferno Squad, ahead of the story that takes place in Star Wars: Battlefront II. The description reads…

“In response to this stunning defeat, the Imperial Navy has authorized the formation of an elite team of soldiers, known as Inferno Squad. Their mission: infiltrate and eliminate the remnants of Saw Gerrera’s Partisans. Following the death of their leader, the Partisans have carried on his extremist legacy, determined to thwart the Empire—no matter what the cost. Now, Inferno Squad must prove their status as the best of the best and take down the Partisans from within. But as the danger intensifies and the threat of discovery grows, how far will Inferno Squad go to ensure the safety of the Empire?”

EA already revealed in the press release that Inferno Squad will seek revenge, get betrayed, and then seek “redemption”.

Most people have already pieced together that Iden Versio at some point likely joins the Rebel Alliance, which would explain why in the campaign mode players will get to play as Luke Skywalker. They also revealed that players will also get to play as Kylo Ren during the formation of the First Order.

Some gamers are excited about the involvement of Williams in the story of Battlefront II’s campaign (which will stretch across five chapters). Others are disappointed that IGN’s Mitch Dyer has co-written the story.

For better or for worse, Iden Versio’s tale will be canon with the rest of the Star Wars cinematic universe. Some people are worried that it may be another Mary Sue-tale in the making like Rey from Star Wars: Episode VII, while others believe that it may end up being closer to the likes of Spec Ops: The line in terms of tone and gravitas.

Star Wars: Battlefront II is scheduled to release on November 17th for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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  • Chann31isAfaggotHaHa

    This is going to be some cringe-worthy sjw bullshit. Pass.

  • Chann31isAfaggotHaHa

    This is going to be some cringe-worthy sjw bullshit. Pass.

  • Ahegao Connoisseur

    Dang, why is Mitch getting so much hate? Can someone point me to his failings?


    If Mitch comes at this as a Star Wars nerd and a fan of the franchise, I MIGHT be willing to forgive the whole female protag push thing. Please. Just be a good fucking story and not another Rey.

    • Also, just a heads up…. Dorkly and other pro-SJW sites have been scouring comment sections to say “Look, gamers hate women!”

      So, if your comment ends up on one of their articles… well, you know why.

  • MusouTensei

    Jesus hell, what a trainwreck.

  • daniel_ream

    I can honestly say that I have never seen a video game plot or story that was half as good as the worst, most hackneyed pulp SF or fantasy novel. I’d rather read a Stasheff book than the script for any AAA game. Writing isn’t the point of a video game.

    So yes, the writing’s going to suck, but that’s like saying it’s the dumbest kid at retard camp.

  • Mr.Towel

    Oh great. Another Game Journalist becoming a Video Game Writer. What a surprise. It totally worked for Anthony Burch and Gearbox.


    Oh goddamnit. I retract my previous statement. This is going to fucking suck. Mitch Dyer is a little sperg of a faggot. I mean, I might rent the game, but I’m definitely not going to pay full fucking price for it. I’ll wait ’til it’s $20 like the current Battlefront is.

    • giygas
      • Omar Hisenberg

        Looks like a fox news host to me

        • Let’s face it, bro, Fox News hosts are sexual harassers. Mitch Dyer would have rape whistles blowing left and right if he even tried looking at a real woman on a studio set. He doesn’t have the gumption of an alpha to grab ’em by the p*ssy like Trump and O’Reilly.

          • Chann31isAfaggotHaHa

            I disagree. I don’t think he swings that way. How do you think his teeth got so jacked up? It’s from taking fat dicks in the mouth 24/7.

          • LOL!

          • LOL!

          • Chann31isAfaggotHaHa

            I disagree. I don’t think he swings that way. How do you think his teeth got so jacked up? It’s from taking fat dicks in the mouth 24/7.

    • To me the writing was on the wall with the way they presented the trailer. It’s supposed to be about Inferno Squad but they made it all about Versio. They could have announced she was the Commander, but focused on it being about the team; but they didn’t.

      In the original BF2, the 501st never took off their helmets… it wasn’t about “here’s our leader” it was about telling a tale about this group of soldiers and how they became Vader’s Fist. With this new game, we have another story about a group of soldiers, but we never see the group, just Versio. I know it seems nitpicky, but presentation means everything, and so far they haven’t really presented the game’s campaign as a team effort.

      Now I’m going to pull a page out of your book and say that maybe we’ll have to wait and see more before assuming how bad it will be. I know Dyer is a GJP sperg, but maybe Walt Williams reeled him in? Maybe the story is more team-oriented than a solo tale? And maybe they’ll keep the whole feminism thing at bay?

      I guess we’ll find out leading up to release.

      • MONAD

        I’m hoping man, I’m fucking hoping someone will reel his little cuck ass in and he doesn’t pound it too hard with the Feminist bullshit. Like you said, they might have just upped the Female Protag angle to appease the people that’ll probably never buy the game. Again, apart of the presentation bit. I dunno, man. I really was willing to forgive a lot of this push on the female protag bit, ’cause that opening bit in the trailer looked like it was told from her perspective. Now..I’m …more hesitant with it because I KNOW who Mitch Dyer is.

      • Zatara

        It’s not nitpicky, it’s actually a really logical, well written argument.

        They could have made her just a voice, but no, like you said, she just had to take off the helmet, because otherwise, “how do we dispel the myth that the Empire is a white [male] supremacist organisation, if we don’t show diversity?!”

        Especially considering how nobody else took off their helmets, which indicates this won’t even be a team-focused campaign like Republic Commando or whatnot, but rather, far more likely, a one-[wo]man-army story, which could very likely see the rest of her squad being killed off at some point (which pushes her to join the Resistance?), while she is the “sole survivor” specifically because everyone else is irrelevant to us, even though she’ll be “all torn up about it”, of course. Oh, I can’t wait to not experience “the feels” that this undoubtedly moronic story is going to produce…….

        Though, to be fair, the 501st didn’t have much to show, anyway, as they only added in non-Fett clone recruits in the later years, solely in order to supplement their numbers.

        • Omar Hisenberg

          The empire is by design a human supremacist organization.

          • Zatara

            Yeah, but “human supremacy organisation” & “white [male] supremacy organisation” are distinctly different things.

            The Rogue One writer last year (which I was referencing, yes) alleged that it was “a white supremacy organisation”, rather than a “human supremacy” one, which was, indeed, grossly inaccurate, though, of course, it plays much better against the age-old backdrop of “Lucas only ever cast a bunch of white males in the original trilogy! Oh, & that one black guy, & that one [white] chick.”

      • Omar Hisenberg

        Without even playing the game, the fact they showed an imperial woman without a helmet has yall freaking out about “feminism”? Man, I hear more about “third wave feminism” from angry single men than I ever do from these supposedly evil feminazis. Its kind of bitchmade to constantly complain about girls and shit. cut it out

        • Don’t be a beta.

          The trailer is an indicator of what the game is going to be about. Go find me a Battlefront 2 trailer from 12 years ago that was saying “We’re white and we’re proud” or some guy rallying his troops, or the internet talking about how strong and white any of the male leads were in the game.

          You can’t find it because it doesn’t exist.

          • Omar Hisenberg

            Nobody who is “alpha” uses the word beta. its for frail hunchbacks online who want to portray fake masculinity because in the real world they get laughed at by women who would rather die than mingle DNA. Women are not scary. Stop. being. a. pussy

          • Nobody who is “alpha” uses the word beta.

            Bro, only a delta says that.

            Women are not scary. Stop. being. a. pussy

            Projecting much, bruh?

        • TheScienceEnthusiast1130


          Were you taught by your moronic parents to blindly worship everything about female humans?

          • Omar Hisenberg

            Jesus what? Imagine how much happier you’d be if you got laid. Hookers are cheap weirdo

          • TheScienceEnthusiast1130


            Jesus what? Imagine how much happier you’d be if you got laid. Hookers are cheap weirdo

            1. Marriages are failing around the world.

            2. How the shit does your pro-feminazi comment about prostitutes consist of any RELEVANCE TO THE TOPIC OF THE ARTICLE?

            3. “Weirdo”? Due to me questioning societal norms? I guarantee that feminazis would cry out some half-hearted comment about how most societal norms are so-called “patriarchal” and you would keep silent just because they are “females”.

            The hatred of video games and male humans is not a “muh liberalz” concept, but a statist neoconservative nutter concept (Example of nutters: Omar Hisenberg).

            Now shove your Bible up your filthy asshole.

        • Chann31isAfaggotHaHa

          Stfu, faggot. Look what happened to Mass Effect Andromeda. Sjw’s poison everything they touch. Stop commenting on what you don’t understand and go back to sucking dicks. Thanks!

  • Gaijin-

    Spec Ops had a good story, but I’m not sure if I want to be exposed to something partially coming from the Infernal Gonadal Network.

    Edit: for full inclusiveness, I expect and demand a transexual ewok brothel to be included as a key location in the campaign.

  • GuyGuysonEsquire

    “EA already revealed in the press release that Inferno Squad will seek revenge, get betrayed, and then seek “redemption”.”

    Of course you’ll have to join the rebels in this game, can’t have our special little rebellious snowflakes losing to “white supremacy empire” now, can we?
    Also, revealing major (if predictable) plot points in press release? Way to go, EA, you failure of a corp!

    • Well, if the Empire has a hispanic woman leading their most feared and elite special forces unit throughout the entire Galactic army, they can’t be too racist, eh? Kind of flies in the face of established lore, but I guess none of that matters anyway.

      • MONAD

        Keep in mind, the Empire is presented as a Human Supremacist organization. I wouldn’t have so much of a problem with it…that is, until I learned who was writing the damn thing. Mitch Dyer is a bit of a faggot as I recall. I remember him throwing SEVERAL people under the bus during #gamergate. Yeah, I’m not even ABOUT to buy this game at full price. $29.99? Maybe, but not at full $59.99.

  • Fear Me I Am Free

    So if Mitch Dyer is involved, then the mc probably wasn’t chosen because she would be an interesting story, but because she’s one of them womyn folk. And of color no less. Soooooo progressive.

    • MONAD

      Yep. I was very willing to forgive a lot of Battlefront II’s reveal trailer…UNTIL I learned of who was writing it. I have an extreme dislike of Dyer.

  • SevTheBear

    Let’s hope that Mitch Dyer has very little control over the writing

  • RichardGristle

    I remember Mitch “The Bitch” Dyer being every bit as terrible as, well, everyone else at IGN.

    What makes these companies think a person like that has any sort of up-to-snuff credentials to write for their games?

    • SevTheBear

      Yeah I like to know that as well. But then again it’s the same EA that let Anita Sarkeesian tell them how to do women in games

  • Disqusted

    IGN, huh? Is he going to spend less than 10 minutes trying to write the plot and then bitch about how it’s too difficult, and give himself a low score, just like IGN did with their God Hand review?

    • Mr.Towel

      I still don’t know whether this Mitch Dyer person is a he or a she…

      He/she looks like a lesbian tomboy chick or a very cucked effeminate guy. Both kinds are too common between their ranks. My guess is a lesbian tomboy chick because he/she seems to be a narcissistic spoiled brat. I would say that’s a woman thing.

      I still can’t be sure though.

    • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

      Electronic Arts might pay IGN with $$$ to provide an artificially high rating

  • John27

    Star Wars really needs to dump the Sith Justice Warriors.

  • LurkerJK

    That whole cannon shit just tells me the plot is going to be completely irrelevant to the universe and that any known character appearance will be just cameos

    Disney is not going to let EA dickheads fuck with their precious franchise

    I would rather them saying its NOT cannon, that would mean they have freedom to make something interesting

    • Well, the 501st was done superbly in Pandemic’s Battlefront 2. They properly explained what happened to the Clones, why the Empire moved to the lesser efficient Storm Troopers and how the cloning facility on Kamino had been destroyed following the insurrection.

      Canon stories don’t have to be restrictive and terrible, but you need really good writers to bring it to life.

      • LurkerJK

        I could buy that, if they did not have the publisher mandate to shove luke and kilo ren in a level somehow, they have no chance of doing anything interesting with those two

        also wtf wants to play as kilo ren, they keep trying to sell him as darth vader and he is not even close. He got introduced throwing a tantrum, an untrained chick kicked the crap out of him and he didnt even come off as being competent while getting his ass handed to him, i bet most of his ship crew laughs at his back when he leaves the room, pff

        • Ren is like a beta male who was pampered as a kid who got a cool costume and the ability to wreck rooms with the Force when he throws tantrums. he’s the complete opposite of anyone that most people think are cool or dangerous or badass.

          And yeah, they keep trying to play him off as some sort of Darth Vader character but he’s not… he’s just not.

          I also agree that playing as him and Luke will likely come across as shoehorning, given that we’ll probably play Luke once the Inferno Squad (or Iden or whatever her name is) joins up with the Rebels. I haven’t figured out if you play Kylo before or after she joins the Rebels…. probably before? Because if they form the First Order after the demise of the Emperor and the destruction of the Death Star, then you’ll probably play Kylo wiping out some Rebels on a base or whatever.

          • Fear Me I Am Free

            And just think, since Abrams stupidly made the EU non canon, that means no Mara Jade. So the only action Luke had gotten in the last 30 years is from his sister. The EU had some many great things which is sad.

          • Zatara


          • Fear Me I Am Free

            I heard he had a hand in it as well.

          • Zatara

            Oh, f*ck.

            After the Star Trek controversy? Is he really that stupid? Seriously?

          • TylorW

            I really hope for two things now in The Last Jedi:

            1. Kylo becomes AND is treated as a THREAT..

            If we look back to A New Hope quick, Vader quickly gives you a reason as to why you should fear him. He was imposing, and could choke your ass out without a second thought. He further established himself as such in the same movie after killing Obi-Wan, which also led Luke to become a Jedi. They tried the same in TFA, but they made Ren such a brat that any implication of threat from him was severely diminished, and he was defeated too quickly.

            Hopefully whoever’s doing TLJ fixes that quickly and makes him kick ass, and maybe take an arm off Rey for good measure. And for gods sake, keep that helmet on for the rest of the series.

            2. Rey has some actual development.

            I actually didn’t mind her that much watching TFA, but in hindsight, they’re trying to make her too much like Luke but completely forgetting what Luke when through to become a Jedi himself. She never faced the tragedies Luke suffered when he was her age, and was very cowardly all things considered (all things considered, even Finn had more development compared to her). Hell, her Force powers was literally shoved onto her whereas Luke had to go through a shit-ton of training to acquire the same (not to mention a lesson in the a cave as to what happens should he let his anger cloud his judgment too much).

            Basically, she needs to suffer a loss (an actual loss, Solo doesn’t really count) or a lesson in humility, before we can be convince that she’s Jedi material.

          • Excellent points, well said.

            I liked Daisy Ridley in the role and I didn’t mind the character, but she was handed everything easy on a platter. No struggles, no triumphs over adversity, it was all easy peasy for her. She literally was a Mary Sue.

            Losing a limb might do her well but only if she has to struggle through that process. Luke got his butt kicked almost through all three films just up until the very end. Nothing that poor kid did was easy or handed to him.

            Personally? I don’t think there’s hope for Kylo to be a villain. I think it would be best to make him a struggling tweener, because at least we could be more sympathetic toward him. He’ll never be fearful and he already lost to an untrained nobody in the first film. There’s no recovering from that.

            His best hope is to have second thoughts about being Vader’s spiritual hoe, and maybe turn out to be the hero in the end by defeating the main bad guy and dying in the process.

          • TylorW

            “His best hope is to have second thoughts about being Vader’s spiritual hoe, and maybe turn out to be the hero in the end by defeating the main bad guy and dying in the process.”

            Wouldn’t that be amusingly ironic.

            Him trying so hard to follow in Vader’s footstep that he ultimately chooses that same fate that Vader chose, and save others at the cost of his own life.

            If he does go out like that though, at least they better make damn sure he goes out swinging.

      • Fear Me I Am Free

        Oh god, the 501st was great. The original Battlefront 2 was so good.

  • Gorgon

    I mean, they could have hired actual writers with a good pedigree. Not a couple of nobodies. Just a thought.

    And yeah, Spec Ops The Line story was pretty overrated in its time.