Steam Hammer, Steampunk Sandbox Game To Hit PC This Year

Publisher Big Way and developer SF Team recently updated their Steampunk sandbox game, Steam Hammer. The game is all about building steam ships and cities, while experiencing free 64 PvP battles with non-targeted combat. Steam Hammer is set to release this year for PC via Steam Early Access.

It’s not often that we get a sandbox Steampunk game that sees free 64-player PvP battles across the skies and land. Although the game may not be that pretty to look at, it at least does something a bit fresh and unique within the overly-saturated crafting and survival sandbox genre by exploring a Sci-Fi Steampunk world.

The game sees players downed over one of the Acribo islands, forcing players to make use of their engineering skills to survive. From here players can work their way from building a makeshift machete to their own airship fleet through the game’s “extensive” crafting system.

As noted above, the game will allow players to battle both on land and in the air. To bring both playing fields together (land and air) jetpacks will be available, making hijack missions a thing.

“Steam Hammer is the first hardcore sandbox RPG in a steampunk setting featuring survival elements. Here you’ll find all the advantages of sandbox games in the mysterious world of steam engines.”

If that all sounds or seems interesting to folks, the Steampunk sandbox game can be seen below thanks to Steam Hammer.

According to the devs, construction and building will be quite in-depth in that…

“If you are not happy with the surrounding landscape, you can always modify the terrain – use terraforming to the fullest. Construct mines, tunnels, ditches, mounds – you name it!”

If the devs can improve on the animations, polish the game up some more and consistently stick around to better the project, I actually think that Steam Hammer could be a pretty decent game.

For more information on this game you can hit up Steam Early Access or its main site. Folks looking to play the Steam Hammer Beta can do so, which currently runs for $11.99.


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