Stitched, 16-bit Style Horror Game Seeks Votes On Steam Greenlight
Stitched Game

Fluffex Studio’s Stitched is a story-driven horror game about a young girl who nearly loses everything, and then ends up in a situation where she can potentially lose even more.

The game follows Catherine Stockholmes, who ends up waking up in a doll factory that’s not quite abandoned. In fact, there’s a rather gruesome series of monsters and traps inside the factory that prevent Catherine from peacefully escaping and returning home… even though she has nothing to return home to. It turns out that both of Catherine’s parents are dead.

A setup of the game’s story and some light elements of the gameplay are put on display in the trailer below.

At first it looks like an RPG Maker game – something simple and possibly cloned from a dozen and one other titles out there. However, upon further inspection it’s quite obvious that Stitched has its own little charm to the art-style and design, and the game doesn’t just rely on copycat combat or RPG Maker gimmicks. Instead, players will have to navigate through the doll factory and solve puzzles, escape from the inhabitants trying to kill you, and attempt to understand what’s going on and how Catherine ended up in the factory.

Some part of Stitched reminds me a bit of American McGee’s Alice.

There’s a bit of a role-playing element to the game, and an atmosphere designed to kindle horror with its 16-bit aesthetic.

The Greenlight community have been giving the game quite a bit of praise for its style and design, and it’s easy to see the charm of Fluffex Studio’s game. If Stitched can be exposed to a few more people it might finally be enough to get the game pushed through the Greenlight process.

If you think that Stitched has any potential or merit to make its way onto the Steam storefront, you can give the game an upvote or two by visiting the Steam Greenlight page.


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