Story Of The End – Revere, JRPG-Inspired Indie Game Seeks Funds On Kickstarter

Darrel Wijaya has taken his project Story of the End – Revere to Kickstarter in order to gather up funds to complete the JRPG-inspired, 16-bit oriented video game. The project hearkens back to the days of the SNES, where strong storytelling, interesting characters and compelling combat helped shape the landscape of role-playing games during that era.

The Kickstarter is currently seeking just over $8,500 and is already several days into crowdfunding. The project will run up until April 24th near the end of the month. There’s a pitch video that you can view below, which covers the basic art and combat featured in Story of the End.

One of the things they talk about on the Kickstarter page that happens to be crucial to the design of the game is the hybrid turn-based and real-time battle system featured in the game. This will allow players to think tactically when taking turns, and act quickly while the fights switch over into real-time.

We briefly get to see the combat in action with the pitch video below, but there’s more of it on display in the free demo that they have available on the Kickstarter page.

The story centers around a young man named Troy who ends up becoming a traitor to his nation, and a warrior seeking redemption.

The story will apparently contain a lot of multiple choices and options for players to explore throughout the title, which will result in A Story of the End opening up an ending based on the choices of the player.

Additionally, the game will feature adjustable encounter rates, weapon upgrades, and a variety of characters that Troy and Roland will meet up with throughout their journey, including a female anthropomorphic rabbit and bear.

If you think this is a game that you might like to see get finished, you can learn more about it or contribute to the cause by visiting the Kickstarter page.


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