Street Fighter 5 Mod Cosplays Laura As Kitana From Mortal Kombat
Street Fighter 5 - Laura as Kitana Mod

It’s always funny seeing mods for characters in games cosplaying as characters from other games. In this latest instance, a modder crafted an outfit for Laura from Street Fighter V to wear Kitana’s outfit from Mortal Kombat II.

BrutalAce, a recognized name in the modding community for many fighting games, released the new Laura cosplaying as Kitana mod to the public. You can download the Kitana mod right now from the DeviantArt page.

As usual, there’s a video demonstration of the mod in action thanks to a YouTube video put together by BlitzMightyN7. You can check out the video below featuring the mod in action below.

The outfit is based on Kitana’s getup from Mortal Kombat II but similar in design to what she wore in Mortal Kombat Armageddon, just without the sheer bodysuit underneath.

It’s a surprisingly tame outfit, basiocally constructed to pay homage to the classic character design from NetherRealm Studios’ past.

Laura sports the arm guards, thigh-high boots, and the matching leather collar.

BrutalAce, despite making a lot of risque mods in the past, has actually opted for a more conservative take on the Kitana mod. It’s funny because the cosplay design is actually more conservative than just about all of the default designs in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter 5 Laura

For those of you wondering why the fishnet bodysuit Kitana wore underneath the leotard isn’t present, it’s not a technical limitation but was actually done by request. BrutalAce explains…

“Just to make it clear for everything that this is a modified outfit such that the black netting on the outfit was removed on request and her hairs are also kept original on request so I am sorry if this disappoint someone that she doesn’t exactly look like Kitana because that’s not what this request is about.”

It’s a solid looking mod with a quality design. The detail is serviceable and the cosplay concept works well enough for Laura. It’s a shame her face mask didn’t make the cut, though.

If you like what BrutalAce is doing with Street Fighter and other games, you can also support him by visiting his Patreon page.


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