Studio MDHR Reveals More Cuphead Bosses And Talks Cuphead Sequel

Studio MDHR has taken to Twitter to show gamers what’s been cooking at the development studio behind Cuphead, detailing to fans that bosses are shaping up better than ever, as well as detailing what work would have to go into making a second Cuphead game.

I have mad respect for the devs over at Studio MDHR, especially for being able to draw and animate the sick locomotion that’s present in Cuphead. It takes more than skill, it takes dedicated effort.

In addition to the above, we get to see what the devs have stirred up in the office rooms of Studio HDMR’s HQ, which can be seen below. The first image reveals the angry flower boss and his latest animations.

Next up comes a boss that is well under the depths of the sea, and draws conflicts not with his fists but ink. You can check out the squid boss and his new animations below.

The above animations come in part by the typical indie #screenshotsaturday tag where most indie devs (and some AA or AAA) show off the latest progress of a title via Twitter.

Now on to the next part regarding Studio MDHR talking about if they were to do a sequel to Cuphead and how easy it would be… Well, the answer lies below thanks to curious Twitter user Archangel Nexus.

So if a sequel were to come out later down the pipeline the devs, as noted above, would not take the cheap road out and copy/paste things to make their jobs easier. Instead the dev notes that almost all of the work will be from scratch on Cuphead 2 (just using Cuphead 2 as a nomenclature here), delivering a product much like Super Mario Bros. to Super Mario World... assuming the first game comes out as intended and finds a place in gamers’ hearts.

It’s more than likely that we will see Cuphead at this year’s E3 or some other major event, providing additional information on the 2D adventure-platform game’s release. As of right now the game is set to drop sometime in mid-2017 for Xbox One and PC.


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