Syberia 3, Adventure Game Now Available In Europe With New Launch Trailer
Syberia 3
(Last Updated On: April 20, 2017)

Microids released a new launch trailer for the launch of Syberia 3 in Europe. The game will also be made available next week in North America. The game will be available for PS4, Xbox One and PC. The Nintendo Switch is also getting a version of the game as well.

The launch trailer starts by highlighting how the locals in Syberia managed to find an unconscious Kate Walker. They end up taking her in and she ends up joining them on an adventure to get the snow ostriches back to their sacred land. Along the way they end up getting waylaid by some evil forces and Kate must save herself and her newfound friends from certain danger.

You can check out the launch trailer below.

The game is the first in the series that uses an all new fully 3D game engine. All of the environments and scenarios are entirely rendered in 3D to give gamers a unique new way to interact with the game and the objects. It also opens up new opportunities in puzzle-solving, which was something Microids wanted to explore with the new game.

If you pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition of Syberia 3, there’s a video unboxing the contents. You can check it out below.

The video was recorded in Microids’ native French tongue, so you’ll need to whip on the closed captioning.

The box is fairly large and features a physical copy of the game for PC, PS4 or Xbox One. There’s a physical poster featuring Kate Walker and the game’s logo. There are also two lithographs featuring artwork from the game’s artists, along with an artbook containing sketches, illustrations and renders for all of the different characters, animals, and interior and exterior environments featured in the game.

In addition to all of that, there’s a graphic novel included in the package, which further explains some of the events in the game with some side stories that take place in Syberia 3. The original soundtrack from Inon Zur is also included as a digital download. And last but not least is a resin figurine of Kate Walker standing on a plinth while a dismantled automaton lays at her feet.

You can pick up a digital or physical copy of Syberia 3 right now for PC, PS4 or Xbox One in Europe, or you can grab a copy of the game next week in North America.

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  • Disqusted

    So apparently this game is extreme ultra crap, because the devs made the worst possible decisions for almost everything. Check out the Steam reviews for more details. I don’t know how devs can screw up their own game so badly.

    Kinda sad they blew money on Denuvo instead of a better engine/game designer/etcetra and the Denuvo is already cracked anyway. I was considering buying it if it was good. Oh well.

    • Thanks for the heads-up, I’ll need to check that out.

      • Disqusted

        Here’s a quick rundown of complaints from the reviews at the top:
        – Feels incomplete/very unpolished, and not worth the high price tag.
        – Bad/laggy interface. Hard to see/read cursor/font/etc.
        – Bad controls that change with camera. Character sometimes ignores input and moves on their own.
        – Easy to run into/get stuck on environment objects (including stairs) when trying to move, easy to accidentally walk out of a room after entering.
        – Bad optimization, low FPS. One person said Kate sometimes vanishes.
        – Bad animation. Kate reportedly moves like a wooden robot and moonwalks.
        – Kate aside, bad English voice acting that sounds like Californians instead of Europeans.
        – Bad lip sync timed only to the French audio.
        – Some people complaining that the character interactions are bad/awkward.
        – Save game can corrupt randomly. You can’t manual save, either.
        – Puzzles are tedious and bland.
        – Bad linear design (eg. even if you know what item you need, you can’t interact with it until you talk to NPCs in a specific order until they direct you to the item).
        – Manipulating items is clunky and tedious.
        – One person said it’s poorly translated.
        – Story isn’t as good as the previous games, but it’s decent. Some people are saying it’s horrible. Some say it’s great. Some people say it doesn’t feel like a continuation of the Syberia story, or doesn’t fit into the lore.
        – One person pointed out that unlike previous games, Kate’s journey lacks clear direction.
        – Very long load times.
        – Can’t skip or speed up dialog/animation/videos.
        – Issues with various controllers not detected.
        – Various other bugs and visual glitches.
        – Abrupt cliffhanger ending (again?).
        – Has Denuvo, which some people say makes the game run even worse than it already does.
        – Doesn’t run at all or keeps freezing for some people.

        Good stuff:
        – People love the music.
        – World of Syberia is great. Locations and characters are great.
        – Decent length (~12 hours).
        – Some people writing completely negative Steam reviews saying it’s unplayable, but still recommending it.
        – A bunch of 10/10 scores on Metacritic. Because Metacritic.

        • Hm, wow. Lots to take in. Sad that it’s got so many issues. Seems like if they can at least address some of the technical stuff it might end up being a mediocre game.

          • Disqusted

            Yeah. Still, it’s yet another case of people paying full price for unfinished crap.