Tekken 7 Roster Trailer Highlights The Combatants Without Trying To Sell DLC

In case you forgot, Tekken 7 is due for release on June 2nd. The Unreal Engine 4-powered fighting game for PC, PS4 and Xbox one received a new trailer highlighting the game’s diverse cast of characters spanning a rather healthy roster.

The three minute trailer is a brief showcase for some of the fighters, showcasing their special moves, their combos and their counters. You can check out the video below.

Fans are actually really excited because first of all, the trailer is honest and shows actual gameplay for some of the characters that you’ll be controlling while you blast through the arcade modes, tournament and story modes.

Additionally, the trailer doesn’t undermine itself or the quality and intent of Namco’s purposes for Tekken 7 by lacing it with a bunch of crappy ads for DLC. Yes, there is a reminder to pre-order and there is a pre-order bonus to gain early access to the boss character Eliza, but it’s not one of those things where they’re plastering it all over the trailer that there are six DLC characters tucked away behind a pre-order campaign.

Instead, the trailer focuses on showcasing a select number of fighters, their offense, their defense and what you can expect from them when you pick up the controller or the fight stick.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite DLC Controversy

It’s a completely different set of feedback from what Capcom got when they recently posted up the Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite story trailer, which decided to take an opportunity to sell a boat load of DLC before people have even been introduced to the actual game, much less any actual gameplay. Quite naturally, there was a lot of “Nope!” comments coming out of the community who just wanted to see more of the game before being pitched an upsell on DLC.

In this case, Namco has spent way more time focusing on trying to entice gamers with a quality fighting game as opposed to trying to sell DLC before the game is even out.

You can look for Tekken 7 to land on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on June 2nd.


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