The Great Ace Attorney 2 New Gameplay Trailer Revealed

Are you a fan of Capcom’s The Great Ace Attorney 2 or the series in general? If so, there’s good news in that the devs released a new trailer revealing in-game footage. The Great Ace Attorney 2 is set to release in Japan for the Nintendo 3DS on August 3rd, and currently has no Western release date.

If you are a fan of busting criminals and using justice to put baddies in place, the humorous and original attorney series continues in the form of The Great Ace Attorney 2.

Capcom not only updated the game’s official Japanese website to reflect some of the upcoming title’s new features, but the developer also dropped a new in-game trailer to excite fans. The new trailer comes in courtesy of CapcomChannel.

If the above seems like something that you can get behind and enjoy as a whole, a snippet of gameplay is up for you to play through via a demo. The official demo for PC, iOS and Android devices can be accessed through the game’s main site web trial section.

The update that follows the in-game trailer also covers parts of the mysterious story of Great Ace Attorney 2. If you don’t want any spoilers regarding this game it’s suggested that you skip the newly posted teaser altogether. But if you do want to know a little bit about the game the snippet sits below.

“In the midst of tense diplomatic relations between the Empire of Japan and the British Empire, an incident occurred in which someone killed a female exchange student from Britain! At the time of the incident, Haori Murasame, a female student at Teito Yuumei University who was alone with the victim, was arrested.

No lawyers were expected to come forward to defend her in a case that could turn into an issue of diplomatic relations. Not but one Ryutaro Naruhodo… Ryutaro takes on the courtroom holding the “resolution” hidden within his school uniform close to his chest!!”

The Great Ace Attorney 2 is set to release in Japan for the 3DS on August 3rd. As of now, no Western release date has been set.


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