The Hitman’s Bodyguard Is The Closest We’ll Get To A New Lethal Weapon Movie
The Hitman's Bodyguard

It seems like Ryan Reynolds is really embracing his inner Deadpool. Someone in the comment section for the most recent trailer for the upcoming film The Hitman’s Bodyguard commented that even when take Ryan Reynolds out of Deadpool, you can’t take the character Deadpool out of Ryan Reynolds. After you see the trailer for the action-packed, blockbuster comedy starring Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson, the comment is not such a far-fetched assessment.

The movie is about a world class hitman who comes under the crosshairs of an organization and requires the protective services of a world class bodyguard to protect him. The hitman is Samuel L. Jackson, and the bodyguard is Ryan Reynolds.

The trailer aptly riffs on the 1992 film starring Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston, and even features Houston’s Grammy-winning rendition of “I Will Always Love You”. Check it out below.

It’s like Nick Fury who stop giving f**ks and a beautiful version of Deadpool teamed up together in a not-so-buddy up action flick.

It’s also crazy because this movie looks balls-to-walls insane. It reminds me of the closest thing we’ll get to a proper version of Lethal Weapon this generation… and oh boy don’t even bring up that awful Fox TV show.

There’s also some 48 Hours vibes emanating from all that comedic testosterone brewing between Reynolds and Jackson. Only it seems the roles are a bit reversed, and Jackson is the grizzled veteran in place of Nick Nolte, and Reynolds in the street-wise youngster in place of Eddie Murphy.

Considering that a lot of tripe we’ve been getting lately is a bunch of pared down, anti-masculine bullcrap to avoid perpetuating “toxic masculinity” myths being spread around by betas like Jonathan McIntosh, it’s a real breath of fresh air to something so unapologetic about its themes and so utterly mean-spirited in its content.

Regardless, the movie looks fun, violent and action-packed. Count me in.

The Hitman’s Bodyguard is due for release this August in a theater near you.


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