The Last Birdling, Visual Novel About Friendship And Race Wars Lands On Greenlight
The Last Birdling

The humans and the birdlings have been at war for for a while, and the war between the races have raised tensions between both groups, especially considering that birdlings have been trained since birth to kill humans on sight. Well, one day things don’t quite go as planned for a certain birdling named Bimona.

Marcus Lam, head of development studio InvertMouse, is currently working on a new visual novel called The Last Birdling, it’s a tale that takes place between two different perspectives, featuring a human girl named Tayo, and a birdling named Bimona.

According to Lam…

“The Last Birdling alternates between Bimonia and Tayo’s perspectives. Follow their journeys from childhood to adolescence as they struggle to maintain their friendship against all odds.


“The Last Birdling has been in development for well over a year. It was in production alongside Unhack 2 throughout 2016, and now, I can at last share the project with you.”

There’s a trailer that showcases the game’s art and the two lead characters, Bimona and Tayo. You can check it out below.

The story kicks into high gear when Bimona happens upon Tayo one day, and Bimona fails to carry out the kill order on Tayo. Instead, the two younglings end up becoming friends in the process, much to the disgust and against the wishes of their parents.

The game centers around the choices that players will be able to make from both the birdling and the human perspectives, both of which will determine what sort of ending players will unlock at the end of the journey.

There are about five different endings and 21 major decisions to make throughout the journey, giving gamers an opportunity to experience the story multiple times over, if they so please.

The visual novel is currently seeking votes over on Steam Greenlight, and if you think this project deserves to have a spot on the Steam store, feel free to check out the Steam Greenlight page.


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