The Last Birdling, Visual Novel About Inter-Species Friendship Gets Greenlit For Steam
The Last Birdling

Developer InvertMouse recently announced that Valve has approved their visual novel, The Last Birdling, for publication on the Steam store.

The upcoming title only just appeared on Steam Greenlight a week ago, proving that either Valve took notice of the visual novel quick, or a ton of people upvoted it through Greenlight. Either way, the community curation hurdle has been overcome.

This project marks the fifth anniversary of InvertMouse, and to celebrate both the anniversary milestone and being greenlit for Steam, they released a playable demo for Windows, Mac and Linux. The demo clocks in at just under half a gig, so you shouldn’t have to worry too much about hard drive space.

If you need a quick glance at what the art and story is like, there’s a trailer you can view below.

Essentially, the visual novel centers around a human and a birdling. The human, Tayo, ends up befriending the birdling, Bimonia. The humans and birdlings are sworn enemies, especially after Bimonia’s father was hunted down and killed by the humans. Bimonia’s mother has sworn vengeance against all the humans, and she’s the last of the birdkin.

The story involves the friendship developed between Tayo and Bimonia, and offers players 21 different decisions that will result in one of the five different endings. The visual novel will see players bounce back and forth between playing as Tayo and Bimonia.

According to the Steam page, they’ve been working on the project for just over a year. So it should be wrapping up development soon enough.

The visual novel aims to target a different segment of the VN market. It’s not a ecchi love-fest or an erotic adventure, so it bottles itself into a pretty niche segment away from the typical stuff from MangaGamer and Sekai Project.

There’s no release date set for The Last Birdling but you can keep track of the progress by visiting the official website.


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