The Last Night Trailer Teases A Cyberpunk Action-Adventure

The Last Night

Odd Tales and Raw Fury are working on a new game called The Last Night. It’s an indie cyberpunk tale set in the future and…. that’s about all I know.

A teaser trailer for the game was released along with the promise of more information set to be released in the near future. You can check out the trailer below.

Thanks to a YouTube recommendation, I actually did manage to find out a bit more about the game thanks to a video from Independent Pixel, who has two and a half minutes worth of gameplay footage for the upcoming title. It appears to be a hybrid, action-adventure of sorts.

You can check out the video below.

Okay, so first of all… the background graphics and city look amazing. As players walk through the environment they’ll have a gun they can pull out to kill people and robots with.

It kind of reminds me a little bit of Out of this World.

Unfortunately the video above isn’t really representative of what Raw Fury and Odd Tales are working on, though. That video was for a game jam from back in 2015.

I have no idea what the game will look like now, but the teaser trailer at the top seemed to hint at a mixture of pixels with 3D vector mapping. If the stages really are in 3D with pixelated characters then that would be a pretty cool art-style set within a cyberpunk universe.

They will be rolling out more info on this interesting looking game at some point throughout 2017… we just don’t know when. You can keep your eyes peeled for more info by visiting the Odd Tales website.

For now Raw Fury seems to be focused on getting Kingdom New Lands up and out for the Nintendo Switch following the release of the game on iOS and Android devices.

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