The Osiris Child Trailer Seems To Promise Big Things On A Tiny Budget
The Osiris Child

A new trailer for the Aussie sci-fi flick The Osiris Child recently went live. It’s a film that reminds me of this generation’s Neon City or American Cyborg: Steel Warrior… only, it actually seems to take itself serious enough not to be a laughing stock or snickered at for its poor visuals. In fact, the visuals look pretty good and there’s a solid mix of inventive set designs with some hefty use of CGI as well.

Storm Vision Entertainment and XYZ Films are aiming to get the film in theaters soon. There aren’t any big names in the film, but Twilight alumni Kellen Lutz appears to be the most notable face in the trailer. He was also featured in The Expendables 3, but neither of the aforementioned film credits would convince the average person to want to check out The Osiris Child.

The trailer, however, does a fine job of outlining the world, the risks and the stakes that are present for the characters involved in the peril that’s projected. You can check out the trailer below courtesy of New Trailer Buzz.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly where they’re going with the story, and that’s a good thing.

I’m not sure entirely where the beginning, middle, and end completely fit but I have an idea. Again, they tried avoiding telling the entire story in the span of the trailer, and I have to applaud them for that. Maybe being on a lower budget the director dipped into the marketing department and decided not to have the promo trailer give away everything?

Anyway, the story revolves around a father trying to recover his daughter amid a prison break. That doesn’t sound too exciting until you throw in the monkey wrench that is the deadly creatures going around killing people.

It’s a little bit like 48 Hours meets Escape from New York City. I can’t complain.

The trailer wisely avoids showing too much or betraying the movie’s budget, which helps a ton in convincing people that it looks like it might be worth your time.

The comment section was generally positive save for a few people who complaining about a lack of diversity.

Anyway, you can learn more by visiting the official website. Screenings will start on April 21st . You can also buy tickets if you’re in Australia to check out the film in theaters.


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