Total War: Warhammer 2 Will Feature High Elves, Dark Elves, And Lizardmen
Total War: Warhammer 2

A total of four playable races will be present in Sega and Creative Assembly’s Total War: Warhammer II for PC, which is due out at some point in 2017. Last year they released Total War: Warhammer based on Games Workshop’s classic tabletop and multimedia fiction series during the spring, so it wouldn’t be surprising if they launched the sequel during a similar window.

The campaign story will revolve around more than just taking over territory this time around. The High Elves and Dark Elves will be battling to save their world due to a cataclysmic event threatening to rupture their continent. The Lizardmen will be there to throw a wrench in their plans.

It’ll be a battle against rival forces and a race against time as each faction attempts to save their home in the best way that they know how.

The announcement for the sequel was accompanied by a cinematic trailer that you can check out below.

The trailer depicts the High Elves marching through the thick jungles, preparing to face off against the Dark Elves after accessing an ancient rune.

It doesn’t take long for the for the Dark Elves to attack, but they’re overcome by the Lizardmen.

All three factions end up jockeying for position while the end of the world looms just beyond the battlefield.

The end of the cinematic trailer teases the presence of the fourth, unannounced faction that will likely be pre-order DLC if the original Total War: Warhammer was anything to go by.

The game’s multiplayer will be making a return and if you already own the original Total War: Warhammer the regions from the original campaign will be available in the sequel’s campaign, for free.

How benevolent.

Total War Warhammer 2- Carnosaur

Game director Ian Roxburgh commented about the new sequel in the press release, stating…

“Total War: Warhammer II represents the next step in our trilogy, our vision for the most incredible fantasy strategy series ever made,”


“The success of the first game has increased our ambition; we’re not only going to deliver a thrilling campaign in the sequel, but also an additional combined campaign, the biggest so far, for owners of both.”

Some fans of the RTS series are a little peeved because they feel as if this is more of an expansion pack than a proper sequel. Others are holding out on getting excited because they think that there’s going to be loads of DLC packed into the game, not unlike Total War: Warhammer I.

We’ll have to wait for Creative Assembly to detail all the pre-order bonuses before we can properly tell exactly how milked the sequel will be. In the meantime you can keep track of development and announcements for Total War: Warhammer II by visiting the official website.


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